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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Finnish Flash Selanne Passes Shanahan In Goals

Congratulations to Teemu Selanne for passing Brendan Shanahan in the all-time “career goals” category! I must say that Shanahan deserves to be passed due to his dishonestly in his current position as “NHL Senior Vice President Player Safety.” Selanne now has 657 goals and that puts him 12th in“career goals”—and only 4 goals behind Jaromir Jagr. Selanne could catch Jagr this year in goals but he won’t ever catch Jagr in “career points” because Jagr is 247 points ahead. In turn, Jagr is 233 goals and 1217 points behind Gretzky, and that tells you just how amazing "The Great One" was!
Let’s take a look at the goal that Selanne scored to overtake Shanahan in goals scored. This goal is typical of Selanne’s hard work and touch around the net. Hats off to “The Finish Flash!”
Thanks to YouTube.

TJ Stanley