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Thursday, February 23, 2012

NHL Poll - Lucic Toughest, But I Would Add Dirty Too

In the NHLPA poll Milan Lucic obtained the most votes from fellow players as being the toughest guy in the league. Of the players who voted, 20 percent picked Lucic while second place went to teammate Chara who had 17 percent of the vote, and wouldn't you guess it, Thornton took third place with 11 percent. I watched an interview with Lucic regarding the matter and he couldn’t help but grin and smile because he was so proud of himself.

I wonder if the players were able to vote on who the dirtiest player in the league is? Lucic would rate right up there in that category too. In another article I might talk about all of the dirty players in the league, but I want to focus on Lucic here since he was voted the toughest and loves to fight and also to injure players with dirty hits (check out his hit on Ryan Miller in my article entitled: “Concussions, Crosby, NHL Rules, Shanahan, and Milbury.” This is located in the Pittsburgh section and also in the NHL section).

Well, on Mar.4, 2010 Colton Orr clearly beat Lucic in a fight and Lucic looked scared to me at the end because he had taken some big punches. Let us have a look at Lucic getting what he deserved and hopefully he will get it more often in the future. Too bad Dave Semenko wasn't around to pummel Lucic. Lucic would not be standing at all! Thanks to YouTube.

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TJ Stanley