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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lightning Trade Downie and Quincey

Well, to everybody’s surprise Steve Yzerman (Lightning VP and GM) just made his third and fourth trades within five days. Previously I have criticized Yzerman / Management (see “Goalie Gonna Need Some Shades”) and also praised him / Management for their two trades earlier this week (see “Trades: Yzerman's Lightning and the Flyers”); and, on the two deals made today I highly commend the Lightning on the first one and we will have to wait and see regarding the second one. Allow me to explain the trades and my standpoints.

On Tuesday morning, Yzerman traded Steve Downie (24 years old) to Colorado in exchange for defenseman Kyle Quincey (26 years old). This trade was outstanding for the Lightning for two reasons: first, because Yzerman had just traded defenseman Pavel Kubina to the Flyers and his team is in need of much better defense; and, second, because Steve Downie is one of the dirtiest players in the league—if not the dirtiest—and he was --15 for the year. We are going to watch four video clips of Downie in a moment so that you can see that he is a player that needs to be banished from the NHL for life! Kyle Quincey is not the cleanest player in the league (61st in penalty minutes this year), however, he is in a different class as compared to Downie. Quincey had played pretty well for the Avalanche in coming off a previous season in which he only played 21 games. He is -1 for the year and only four of five regular players on the Avalanche had a better plus-minus. He had 23 points in 54 games. The Avalanche have actually done surprisingly well considering Matt Duchene missed 20 games due to injury. So, in acquiring Quincey it appeared that Yzerman had filled a void on his team and also moved a player who does not even belong in the NHL or any other league. I don’t know why the Avalanche want Downie because he is under 200 lbs and he cannot beat the toughest fighters in the league? And, why get rid of a decent defenseman when your team needs better defense? Furthermore, I have to take a shot at Colorado for giving up on Brian Elliot so quickly at the end of last year. The St. Louis Blues were certainly happy to take Elliot for nothing and everyone know how fantastic he has played this year. All said, Colorado made a terrible move in obtaining Downie and Tampa Bay was fortunate to get rid of him in exchange for a decent defenseman.  

Okay, I am going to talk about the second trade in a moment so please come back after watching the video clips on Downie. One clip I am providing on site and the other three you need to click the links to watch and then after watching click the back arrow in your browser to come back to my site. Sorry, but if I have too many videos it slows things up too much.

Here is Downie purposely trying to injure Crosby when he was not near the puck. It is hard to believe! On the third slow-motion replay at the end of the video you really see just how purposeful and painful it was. Thanks to YouTube.

Please click the link and after the video is over please click the back arrow in your browser to return to my site.

Below is a link to a video of Downie’s vicious hit against Lovejoy of the Penguins in April of 2011 -- it is utterly BRUTAL!

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Below is a link to a video of another Downie blindside hit similar to the one in the Pittsburgh game above. This one is when he was playing for the Flyers.

Once again, please click the back arrow in your browser after watching.

Now let us take a look at Downie slashing a referee when he was in the AHL and with the Norfolk Admirals. He was given an automatic game misconduct and a 20 game suspension. It was claimed that he was trying to slash the stick on the opposing player and accidentally hit the ref. That looks like that is what happened but he should not have tried to hack the other guy’s stick out of his hands.

Once again, please click the back arrow in your browser after watching.

One last note on Downie, he had a brutal history of violence when he was in the OHL, even knocking out teeth of one of his younger teammates with a crosscheck. Without question, Downie is an individual that should not be allowed to play hockey.

Okay, now let us get to Yzerman’s second trade. This trade came today as well and he sent the newly-acquired Quincey to Detroit in exchange for the Red Wings First Round draft pick in the upcoming 2012 draft, as well as minor league defenseman Sebastien Piche (who is 24 years old). Yzerman, Jeff Vinik (Owner and Governor), and Tod Leiweke (Chief Ex. Officer) had discussed the issue and Yzerman indicated that they just could not resist getting another First Round pick. Well, it is risky to trade a defenseman who has proven to be pretty solid and who can play on the left or right side; however, the draft will be comprised of a number of good players this year and Tampa Bay management might be able to do better. It is a “might,” and especially due to the fact that Detroit is going to finish high in the standings and the draft pick will be near the last or the last in the Round. Tampa Bay made a mistake at last year’s draft by picking three Russian forwards in their first three picks before finally going for a goalie in Round Six (which was their fourth pick). It was a mistake because they are weakest in net by far and should have gone for the top goalie prospect John Gibson. Anyway, it will be very interesting to see the Lightning’s draft choices this year. I would be extremely surprised if they don’t go for defensemen and at least one top goalie prospect.

By the way, in my opinion the Lightning should give Sebastien Piche a shot at the NHL to see how he does.   

Regarding Quincey going to the Red Wings, he is not new to the team because he started his NHL career with them but only played in 13 games in three years. Therefore, the integration of Quincey should go fairly smoothly, and obtaining him might prove to be a great move for Detroit and one that helps them win the Stanley Cup this year.

TJ Stanley