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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Stamkos Scores 56th Goal and Sets an NHL Record

Tonight the Lighting hosted the Jets and came out with a 3-2 overtime victory. The story of the game occurred in overtime when Stamkos scored his league-leading 56th goal of the year. The goal was an NHL record because it was Stamkos’ fifth overtime goal this season, and the record was previously four. In the play, Stamkos did a great job of passing the puck and then getting open and ready to receive a pass so that he could fire the puck home. Pavelec didn’t have much of a chance.

To see this outstanding goal, click the video link for Stamkos’ goal in the Scoring Summary at the right hand side of the page; otherwise, if you click on the main screen you will watch the replay of the entire game.

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TJ Stanley

Friday, March 30, 2012

Phoenix Coyotes — Differences That Could Take Them Further This Year

As of Friday evening, the Coyotes currently sit in eight spot in the Western Conference with 89 points in 78 games. Tonight, the Kings defeated the Oilers while the Stars lost to the Canucks, and that puts the Kings at the top of the Pacific Division with 90 points in 78 games. The Stars are in seventh with 89 points in 78 games, while the Sharks are in ninth with 88 points in 78 games.

In the four remaining games for the Coyotes they will host the Ducks and the Blue Jackets and then go on the road to meet the Blues and the Wild. These four games will obviously decide whether they will be in the playoffs for the third straight year or whether they will be golfing early. In each of the past two seasons the Coyotes met the Red Wings in the 1st Round of the playoffs and fell short both years, although, they took the Wings to seven games in 2009-2010. If the Coyotes make the playoffs this year, will they be able to finally win a first round battle? While the team has been in Arizona, as the Coyotes, they have never won a playoff series.

Reasons Why the Coyotes Could Go Further This Year

  1. Mike Smith. Last year Bryzgalov played well in the regular season for the Coyotes but he totally collapsed in the playoffs. It was hard to believe how bad he played and he did not give his teammates a legitimate chance to win. It would be different with Smith in net. In 63 games thus far, Smith has a .926 Save Percentage, a 2.33 GAA, six shutouts and 34 wins. He is seventh in the league for Save Percentage, twelfth in GAA, eight in shutouts and fourth in Wins. Smith was previously with the Lightning but VP and GM Steve Yzerman made a huge mistake by not making an effort to keep him. Instead, Yzerman foolishly signed Roloson to a one-year deal worth 3 million, and in so doing Yzerman blew the Lightning’s chance of making the playoffs this year. I talk about Yzerman’s other mistakes in articles in the Lightning section of my site.
  2. Ray Whitney is in his second year with the Coyotes and is having the best year of his career (at 39 years old). He easily leads the team in points with 73 (23 goals and 50 assists), and also in plus-minus with an impressive plus-25.
  3. Radim Vrbata is second in team scoring with 58 points (32 goals and 26 assists), and has 11 big game-winning goals this year. He is plus-23, and like Whitney, this is the best year of his career (and at 30 years old).
  4. Raffi Torres has been a new addition to the Coyotes this year after signing a two-year deal as a free agent. Last year he was with the Canucks and he brings playoff experience to the Coyotes. Torres makes opposing players nervous because he likes to hit and hit hard. Nobody in the NHL likes to play against him. Torres also has some scoring ability when given the ice time and is good for 30 to 35 points a year.
  5. Lauri Korpikoski is fifth in team scoring this year with 35 points and has really come into his own the last two years. He has three short-handed goals this year and also three game-winning goals.
  6. Keith Yandle is fourth in scoring with 41 points and he is plus-4. This is his fourth good year in a row.
  7. Martin Hanzal has missed some games again this year but in his 60 played he still has 32 points and is plus-11.
  8. Captain Shane Doan is third in scoring with 47 points (21 goals and 26 assists) and is second on the team for game-winning goals with five. His point totals have dropped over the last four years and his plus-minus has too. This year he is second worst on the team in the plus-minus category at minus-11. Unlike Whitney and Vrbata, Doan has not contributed as much as he has in past years but he is a leader and will be there if they make the playoffs.
  9. Dave Tippett is an excellent coach. He was a great assistant coach for the Kings, a great head coach for the Stars, and has done well for the past two years with the Coyotes. In 2010 he won the Jack Adams award for best coach.
  10. If they make the playoffs, the Coyotes will likely finish in seventh or eighth; however, they could actually win the Pacific Division and finish third if the Kings and Stars falter. If the Coyotes finish seventh or eighth they would play either St. Louis or Vancouver in the 1st Round. Phoenix has won two of three games against the Canucks, but has lost all three against the Blues (with one remaining). So, a 1st Round series against the Canucks could be won by the Coyotes but would be more unlikely against the Blues. If the Coyotes finish in third they would probably meet the Blackhawks in the 1st Round; however, if the Red Wings continue to falter it is possible that the Blackhawks could take fifth position in the West and that would leave the Red Wings meeting the Coyotes for the third straight year in a row. The Coyotes have won three of four games against the Blackhawks this year, while the Wings have won two of three against the Coyotes, including one shootout. The Coyotes can beat the Blackhawks, and with Mike Smith in net they could give the Red Wings a really good fight this year like they did in 2010.
In one week we shall know if the Coyotes are in the playoffs. They would be a dangerous team to play.

TJ Stanley

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dustin Brown’s Wake-up Call — Kings Might Make the Playoffs

The Los Angeles Kings had a very dismal year until just before the trade deadline, but since that time they have improved significantly. Let’s discuss the reason for their poor play up until February 25th (two days before the trade deadline), the reason for their improved performance, the goaltending of Jonathan Quick, and their last five games and chances of making the playoffs.

The Kings offensive output for most of the season has been terrible and I blame it primarily on laziness. Kopitar carried the team for the first two months or so and then he joined his teammates in a slump. The Kings have just 178 goals this year and that is second worst in the entire league next to the Wild who have 164. The Penguins have 259 goals, the Bruins 251, the Flyers 248, the Red Wings 239 and the Senators 236. Due to great goaltending, the Kings have surrendered the second fewest goals in the league, 165. Only the Blues have allowed fewer goals, 151, and they are first in the league with 106 points (one point more than the Rangers but the Rangers have one game in hand). In the Kings 3-0 road victory over the Flames this past Wednesday, Quick tied a team record of nine shutouts! Bernier has one shutout this year and that gives the goalies a team record of 10. Quick has been the best and most consistent player for the Kings and he is the primary reason why the team still has an opportunity to make the playoffs. 

In my opinion, the Kings could have and should have prevented the desperate situation that they are now in, playoff-wise. Kings President and General Manager Dean Lombardi should have made some changes back in December or early January to shake-up the players to see who wanted to stay in Los Angeles and earn their paychecks. He could have started by sending a couple of regular players down to the minors and if that wasn’t successful he could have went forth with a couple of trades. If the players don’t want to give 100 % and are taking life in LA and their positions on the Kings for granted, then they need to be moved out. Make the players fight for their jobs because this is professional hockey and the fans deserve to watch players that give it their all.

Captain Dustin Brown was one of the main players at fault because it is his job to inspire his teammates by word and action. He was failing in his role as captain and as the trade deadline was drawing near he was rumored to be trade bait, and rightfully so because he was not committing himself and giving 100 percent. Well, the Kings made a deal on February 23rd (four days prior to the deadline) that did not involve Brown. They traded Jack Johnson and a conditional 1st Round pick in either 2012 or 2013 to the Blue Jackets in exchange for hard-to-please but talented Jeff Carter. The Kings next game was two days later in LA against the Blackhawks and Carter would make his debut as a King. Meanwhile, the trade winds regarding Brown were still blowing. Would he make it past the Monday deadline and remain captain of the Kings? 

In the game against the Blackhawks it was not Carter who would “steal the show,” but rather, it was a transformed Dustin Brown. Brown scored a hat-trick and also added an assist in a 4-0 victory.

After the game Brown stated (Associated Press):

"I've been a King my whole career, and I expect to be a King beyond the next few days," Brown said. "With all the rumors flying around, it's my responsibility to prepare myself to be the best I can. Tonight felt good."

Including the Blackhawk game, the Kings went forth to win 11 out of 16 games, including three wins over the Ducks, two over Nashville, two over the Blackhawks, and wins over the Red Wings, Blues, Wild, Sharks and Flames. Brown accumulated 16 points during the 16 games, while Carter had nine. Kopitar, Williams and Doughty also improved significantly. 

Brown has played all 77 games for the Kings and sits in third in team scoring with 20 goals and 28 assists for 48 points. However, 16 of those points have come in the last 16 games so it is clear to see that he has put forth more effort since trade rumors were swirling and since Jeff Carter joined the team. Carter has 9 points in his 16 games with the Kings.

Clearly, Brown was fearful of having to move his family from LA to another city and he was also fearful of losing the “C” from his jersey. He did not want Carter to get the spotlight. I like Brown as a person and it is too bad that he allowed himself to under-achieve and to not provide the inspiration that he should have to his teammates. His improved play has been out of desperation and not out of love for the game and desire to win the Stanley Cup. That is pretty sad. I prefer players who are on a mission to win the Stanley Cup and do whatever it takes to try to achieve the goal. These types of players “infect” their teammates and make everyone better. It is possible that Carter can help give that desire back to Brown because it is no secret that Carter wants a Stanley Cup.

Playoff Chances

The Kings have played 77 games and have 88 points. As of Thursday evening after the San Jose and Phoenix game, the Kings are clinging onto the eight and final playoff spot in the Western Conference. The Coyotes beat the Sharks 2-0 so they are now in seventh with 89 points in 78 games, while the Sharks are in ninth with 88 points in 78 games. The Sharks will meet the Kings twice more and that will likely decide who is going to be playoff-bound and who is going to be golfing. 

In their remaining five games, the Kings will also play Edmonton twice and Minnesota. The Kings have actually have trouble with Edmonton so it is not as easy as it sounds; however, Edmonton is without Hall and that can only help. 

TJ Stanley

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stamkos — 55 Goals and Counting

Steven Stamkos scored his 53rd goal this past Monday, March 26th against the Flyers and it gave him the team’s all-time single-season goal record. Previously, Vincent Lecavalier held the record with 52 goals (which he registered in the 2006-2007 season).

The following day the Lightning visited Boston and Stamkos netted his 54th and 55th goals in a 5-2 loss. The Lightning still have six games left and Stamkos will try for 60, however, Lightning coach Guy Boucher is not basing his decisions on Stamkos’ goal total since he has not had Stamkos on the ice for all of the empty net opportunities in the last couple of weeks—a brutal coach considering the Lightning are out of the playoffs and also due to the fact that Stamkos has the third best plus-minus on the team (plus-4) next to Purcell (plus-11) and Bergeron (plus-6). Stamkos’ teammates are treating the situation a little differently because they are trying to feed Stamkos at every opportunity.

You can view Stamkos’ 54th goal by clicking the following link. It is a beautiful wrist shot that he riffled past Tim Thomas and off the post.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Taylor Hall’s Surgery — And Lowe and Tambellini’s Draft Mistake

Taylor Hall has agreed with Oiler medical staff to have surgery on his left shoulder for a labrum tear. The recovery is expected to be five or six months and that means that he should be ready to start the 2012-2013 season. However, anything can happen in a surgery and his shoulder could end-up worse than it is now. I know because I have had several surgeries myself and some have been unsuccessful. I have knee and shoulder problems and the surgeon who did my knees happens to work on professional hockey and football players.

Hall missed seven games earlier this season due to the shoulder after being hit in a game against the Avalanche on Nov. 26, 2011.

In talking to the media about his upcoming surgery he has stated that he has had the injury for four years. That being the case, Lowe and Tambellini knew that Hall had a chronic shoulder problem and still drafted him first overall in the 2010 Entry Draft! We know that for sure because they had scouting reports and also because they spent plenty of time with him before the draft and asked him a ton of questions. They even visited his home. Was it wise to draft a player who has a chronic shoulder injury? No! Shoulder problems can last a lifetime and it is possible that Hall will never be without pain. This type of surgery apparently has a high success rate but sometimes they don’t work and doctors do make mistakes. Even without the shoulder issue, Lowe and Tambellini knew that Hall had a problem with his balance and being reckless, and that should have been enough to stay away from him and to go for Seguin. Hall was falling down all over the place for the first half of last year and then he fell in the fight with Dorsett and hurt his ankle and missed the rest of the year. Then, this year he fell in warm-ups after stepping on a puck and subsequently suffered the major laceration to his forehead; and, most recently he fell as Cory Sarich hit him and Hall suffered a concussion. If that wasn’t enough, Hall went to Mexico during the All-Star break and forgot his shoes and decided to go golfing in sandals and injured a toe. When will it end with Hall? On the other hand, Seguin has proven to be a better player both offensively and defensively. Anyway, the fact is that Lowe and Tambellini took a gamble on Hall because they knew that he was reckless, had poor balance, and was suffering from a chronic shoulder condition. Lowe and Tambellini have made numerous other draft mistakes, poor trades, and also ridiculous contract offers—for example, Hemsky recently being given the 10 million dollar gift for two years, and last year they tried to low-balled Ryan Jones.   

What I like about Hall is his love for the game and desire to win, but I do not care for his pride, careless play on the ice, and stick-throwing in practice (which is the result of being embarrassed). Sorry, but I have to tell it like it is rather than making excuses.

I truly hope that Hall’s surgery goes well and that he is able to be the player that he wants to be—that would be great! Maybe he will lay down some of the pride and cockiness when he gets older?

As I stated in my last article about Hall,

“Hopefully his mom can convince him to rest when he needs to rest, to stop living off of fast food, and to buy shoes when he needs shoes!”

TJ Stanley

Monday, March 26, 2012

Canadiens Disgrace of the NHL — Could Have Won the Cup Last Year and Currently Second Last in the League!

The Canadiens are currently last in the Eastern Conference and second last in the entire league next to the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Blue Jackets have played 76 games and have 24 wins, 45 losses and 7 overtime losses for a total of 55 points; and, they have a Goal Differential of minus-73. The Canadiens have played 76 games and have 29 wins, 34 losses and 13 overtime losses for a total of 71 points; and, they have a DIFF of minus-14. The Oilers have played 76 games and have 31 wins, 36 losses and 9 overtime losses for a total of 71 points; and, they have a DIFF of minus-17. The Wild have played 75 games and have 31 wins, 34 losses and 10 overtime losses for a total of 72 points; and, they have a DIFF of minus-48. The Islanders have played 75 games and have 31 wins, 33 losses and 11 overtime losses for a total of 73 points; and, they have a DIFF of minus-44. The Leafs have played 76 games and have 33 wins, 34 losses and 9 overtime losses for a total of 75 points; and, they have a DIFF of minus-22.

The Canadiens are a disgrace above all teams mentioned above and allow me to illustrate why.

Last year the Canadiens finished 6th in the Eastern Conference and had 44 wins, 30 losses and 8 overtime losses for a total of 96 points; and, they had a DIFF of plus-7. Last year the Blue Jackets had 34 wins, 35 losses and 13 overtime losses for a total of 81 points; and, they have a DIFF of minus-43. Last year the Oilers had 25 wins, 45 losses and 12 overtime losses for a total of 62 points; and, they have a DIFF of minus-76. Last year the Wild had 39 wins, 35 losses and 8 overtime losses for a total of 86 points; and, they have a DIFF of minus-27. Last year the Islanders had 30 wins, 39 losses and 13 overtime losses for a total of 73 points; and, they have a DIFF of minus-35. Last year the Leafs had 37 wins, 34 losses and 11 overtime losses for a total of 85 points; and, they have a DIFF of minus-33.

Well, clearly the Oilers have improved significantly this year and the Leafs, Islanders and Wild have not changed that much but there are still a handful of games left. That leaves the Blue Jackets and the Canadiens and both teams are significantly worse this year. The Blue Jackets had a lot of crap going on with Carter and then Nash so it is hard to even count them in this, but nevertheless I still feel that the Canadiens are the biggest disgrace because they dropped from 6th in the Eastern Conference last year to last this year (with six games remaining in the schedule)! Furthermore, last year they had 44 wins while this year they only have 29 wins thus far; and, last year they had a Goal Differential of plus-7 while this year they are minus-14.

The icing on the cake, to establish the Canadiens as the disgrace of the league is the fact that last year they faced the Bruins in the 1st Round of the playoffs and won the first two games in Boston, then lost the next three, won the sixth game, and then lost the seventh game in overtime. They should have beaten the Bruins who of course went on to win the Stanley Cup. The Canadiens could have gone all the way last year and how can a team be that strong and then collapse the following year! It looked like they would be stronger this year and especially with Pacioretty back. He has played very well this year as has Desharnais, both of whom had shortened seasons last year. The biggest plus has been Erik Cole who is tied with Pacioretty for the lead in goals with 30, and is third in scoring just three points behind Pacioretty and one point behind Desharnais. Cole also has the best plus-minus at plus-10. What caused the collapse this year?

In my opinion, the problem this year was primarily with Carey Price and P.K. Subban. I don’t believe that either of them were even close to being ready when the season started, and that tells me that the off-season was party-time (three cigarettes in the mouth and all) rather than working at getting stronger and better.

Check out the photo of Price with three cigarettes in his mouth which I believe was two years back so he has been living it up for some time.

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Last year Subban made great end-to-end rushes up the ice but for most of this year he has not been near as successful. Last year he dominated some games. His shot was also better last year, and that is reflected by the fact that he had twice as many goals last year as compared to this year (14 as compared to 7). He also had four more power-play goals last year. Carey Price was excellent last year but has looked significantly worse for the better part of this year. Last year his Save Percentage was .928, his GAA was 2.11, and he had four shutouts and 38 wins. This year he has a Save Percentage of .917, a GAA of 2.42, and four shutouts and 26 wins. His drop in play along with Subban’s has prevented the Canadiens from making the playoffs this year. Last year Price and Subban were an inspiration to the Canadiens but this year they have taken the wind out of their teammates. Subban has in fact been a great hindrance due to an increase in dirty play. It is too bad because if he played cleanly he could be an excellent player in the league due to his ability to skate the puck up the ice, to hit, and the speed of his shot. He himself said that he was just getting his confidence back recently. He lost his confidence because he was not prepared for the hockey season and also due to getting involved in dirty play which is stressful and gets other players and fans on your back. He is reaping the rewards of cheap shots. I also wish that he would remove his helmet every time he wants to fight because he wears a visor. At the end of the article I shall provide a must see video of Subban.

Additionally, the Canadiens season is such a disgrace because they have so many fans in most cities that a lot of their road games don’t feel entirely like road games. Fans cheering always have a positive effect on players, despite what the final result is in a game. I recall when they visited Vancouver a few weeks back and beat the Canucks due to inspiration from so many Canadiens fans—as declared by Canadien players.

Do I Feel Sorry for the Canadiens?

I don’t feel bad for them at all. They were not prepared to play hockey this year and they have subsequently slighted their fans. I am sure glad that I am not a fan!

The Molson brothers who own the Montreal Canadiens deserve what they get because they have made a fortune from selling their flavorless beer with filler ingredients. You reap what you sow boys! Learn a lesson from it and make some real beer in the future!  


Lets take a look at Subban’s huge clean hit on Brad Marchand last year on December 16, 2010. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving victim because Marchand is a cheap-shot specialist himself and has been suspended. Too bad Subban did not bring this type of play into this current season.

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TJ Stanley

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sidney Crosby and Craig Anderson Laughing at Singer Before Senators Game

On Sunday, March 25, 2012, on one of the featured links on the right hand side of the homepage was:  Must See:  Sens, Pens giggle through anthems.”

When I saw that I knew that grown men were laughing at whoever was singing the American and Canadian anthems, and it made me angry. was guilty of making fun of Tara Holloway who was singing at a Senators game a couple of weeks ago (same type of link on the site) and now they were doing it again to another singer in Ottawa. Here a lady, Measha Brueggergosman, is out in front of thousands of people and is doing her best to give all that she has and some of the players in front of her are smirking and laughing! Show a little compassion and respect!

What bothers me most is that Sidney Crosby was laughing (head down and smirking as he was struggling to contain his laughter); and, goalie Craig Anderson from the Sens was laughing and checking to see if his teammates were having fun too. There were some other players laughing and they should all be ashamed of themselves. Crosby talks in interviews like he is so grown-up and mature, and in going through his physical problems you would think that he would have learned some lessons about the fragility of human beings and that subsequently his mind and heart would not contain the garbage that led to his smirking? Crosby is an immature little bugger who is full of pride and self-righteousness and who needs to learn some manners since his mother and father obviously did not teach him any.  

Since Crosby had no compassion on this singer, I think that we should watch some of his tough on-ice moments and consider that maybe a smart-ass like him deserved what he received. Furthermore, we shall watch a video in which Crosby falls due to his own skate and fakes an injury. It is hard to believe! And, as for Craig Anderson laughing, look in the mirror Craig because you are an ugly, balding dude and no woman in her right mind would marry you except for your money. How is that for some lack of mercy and respect in return! We will see a video in which Anderson lets one in from center ice.  

First, let’s start by watching Crosby and Anderson and some others smirking and trying to control their laugher at the singer at Saturday’s game in Ottawa.

Crosby, I am glad you weren’t laughing out loud because I have heard you laugh and you sound like a sixteen-year-old girl.

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Here is a video of Crosby falling after a face-off and pretending that he was hit by the Canadiens player. Unbelievable! Crosby, don’t go into acting after your concussions force you out of hockey.

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Here is Crosby getting hit by David Steckel at Winter Classic 2011. From this angle you can see that Steckel was not trying to hit Crosby. From other angles it looks like Steckel was trying to hit Crosby but not from this one which is from behind Steckel—a perfect camera shot. It was Crosby’s own fault for carelessly circling while looking the other direction.

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Here is a video entitled “Top Ten Hits on Crosby.”

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Craig Anderson

Here is Anderson letting one in from center ice in a game against the Bruins—Jan. 31, 2012. The puck was actually going to miss the net but Anderson stuck his pad out and it hit the inside of it and defected into the net. The game was tied at three before the goal.

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TJ Stanley

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Crosby — Media Going Overboard — Crosby Has Not Been the Best Since 2007

On Tuesday March 20th and the first part of Wednesday the 21st, had an article link on their homepage entitled “Sid, Geno and Neal combine for 13 points…” This was the 8-4 victory over the Jets and it was a great performance by Neal, Malkin and Crosby; however, it was not a great performance by Crosby, Malkin and Neal as declared, and allow me to explain.

In the victory over the Jets the 1st Star of the game was Neal, the 2nd Star was Malkin, and the 3rd Star was Crosby. Neal had a hat-trick, an assist and ten shots on goal, Malkin had two goals, three assists and seven shots on goal, and Crosby had four assists and two shots on goal. Who deserved the top billing in the post-game promotion? Definitely not Crosby, but had to list his name first out of the three players, as if he had contributed the most in the victory. It is deceptive and a slap in the face to Neal and Malkin. The article link should have read “Neal, Malkin and Crosby combine for 13 points,” or “Malkin, Neal and Crosby combine for 13 points.” Most people are glad that Crosby has returned to playing and that he is already significantly contributing to the team, but the over-promotion is getting pretty ridiculous when writers, announcers, commentators, and other people involved in the game are giving him too much credit and the spotlight over players who have done more—and this has been going on since 2008 and not just recently.

Furthermore, when Crosby had been out for several months with the concussion, media and others were calling him the best in the world? You cannot be the best if you are not playing, and the fact of the matter is that Crosby has not been the best since the 2006-2007 season. It is true that Crosby was in front of the pack for the first half on the 2010-2011 season before he suffered the concussion, but half-seasons don’t count and after a serious injury a player may never return to form. Malkin was also injured and only played 43 games.

Let’s take a look at who have been the best players since the 2006-2007 season. Once again, it was Crosby who was the best that year and he won his only Hart Trophy and only Art Ross Trophy for compiling the most points in the league. Importantly, this was Malkin’s rookie year and he won the Calder Trophy and helped Crosby to achieve the league-leading point total. Without Malkin, Crosby would not have beat Joe Thornton by six points in the scoring race.

In 2007-2008 Ovechkin was #1 and he won both the Hart and Art Ross, while Malkin was second in the scoring race with 106 points.

In 2008-2009 Malkin won the Art Ross with his 113 points, while Ovechkin was not far behind with 110 points. Ovechkin was awarded the Hart Trophy for the second straight year, but I considered Malkin a more valuable player since he led the Penguins to a Stanley Cup win and was awarded the Conn Smythe for being the most valuable player in the playoffs. Crosby was overshadowed by Malkin.

In 2009-2010, Crosby and Ovechkin both had 109 points, while Henrik Sedin had 112 and was plus-35 in 82 games. The big difference between Crosby and Ovechkin in this year was that Ovechkin had only played in 72 games while Crosby played in 81. If Ovechkin had played nine more games he would have been far ahead of Crosby, and of Sedin as well. Additionally, Ovechkin was plus-45 for the year while Crosby was only plus-15. The Capitals won the Presidents Trophy with the team accumulating 121 points in the season, while the Canucks had 103 and the Penguins had 101. Though I detest Ovechkin, I have to say that he was the most valuable player to his team and also the best in the league, but Henrick Sedin was awarded the Hart Trophy. In my opinion, the hockey writers did not want Ovechkin to match Gretzky and Orr who are the only two players to have won the Hart three years or more in a row. Orr won it three years in a row and Gretzky won it eight years in a row—a record that will never be broken! Malkin battled through injuries this year so he could not be considered.

In the 2010-2011 season Ovechkin did not give as much effort due to his loss of the Hart Trophy the previous year—and I would not be happy either, but he needed to accept the loss and to destroy the competition in 2010-2011 and subsequently prove the voters wrong, rather than to put forth less effort like a spoiled 10 year-old boy. The scoring race for the Art Ross last year was between Daniel Sedin, Martin St. Louis, Corey Perry, Henrik Sedin and Steven Stamkos. Daniel Sedin was the front-runner to win the Hart but he faltered some in the last several to ten games while Corey Perry stayed strong until the end and was awarded the Hart over Sedin. This was a controversial decision in my opinion because Daniel Sedin led the Canucks to win the Presidents Trophy (with 117 points) and home-ice advantage throughout the playoffs. The Ducks on the other hand ended-up in 4th in the Western Conference with 99 points. Daniel Sedin won the Art Ross for most points with 104 while St. Louis had 99 and Perry had 98. Malkin only played 43 games due to an injured knee which he needed surgery on. Once again, this could have been Crosby’s year but he was injured and half-seasons don’t win awards or Stanley Cups. Injured players cannot be the best in the world because they are injured and may never return to previous form. Crosby is not the best now and he may never return to where he was in 2007 or the first part of the 2010-2011 season.

All said, it is clear that Ovechkin and Malkin were the best players until 2008-2009, and then Ovechkin continued on top in 2009-2010 (and Malkin was injured). After Ovechkin was not given his third straight Hart Trophy he decided to not entirely commit himself to hockey. The Capitals had 14 points less in the 2010-2011 season, and as for this year they are battling for their playoff lives. Ovechkin did not work hard for much of this season but has recently returned to form since he wants a chance to win the Stanley Cup. He has been preoccupied with endorsements and with his social life. Everyone deserves a social life but when you are a pro athlete and have to travel a lot you have to reduce the time in additional travel with girlfriends until the off-season. You owe this to your employer and team. Additionally, on January 22, 2012 Ovechkin delivered a dirty hit to the head of Zbynek Michalek of the Penguins and was suspended for three games. This was the fourth time that Ovechkin had been fined or suspended (two of each) in his six years in the NHL. Ovechkin was not happy about the suspension and decided to not attend the All-Star game. Though he stated that his decision was so that the attention would not be drawn to him, I don’t believe him. I think he wanted time with his girlfriend and was not happy with the suspension—period. In 2010-2011 Daniel Sedin stood-out in my mind and Corey Perry and St. Louis had great seasons.

Pavel Datsyuk is generally considered as one of the best in the league but the last three years his point totals have dropped (even when considering injury in the last two years). He was 4th in scoring in both 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 seasons but never better.

Malkin has carried the Penguins this year but it wasn’t until February that the media started to give him the credit that he deserved. In January, I declared that he was the best in the world and also stated that the Penguins had a great chance to win the Cup even if Crosby did not return—part of that article is below. Malkin will win both the Hart and Art Ross this year and the only player who gave him a bit of a run down the stretch was Steven Stamkos. Stamkos has not had a lot of support this year from his teammates so he really has been extremely valuable to the Lightning. People overlook his value because the team won’t make the playoffs, but missing the post-season is Yzerman’s fault for screwing-up by not getting an NHL-caliber starting goaltender. I spoke about this in two previous articles and you can read them in the Lightning section of my site.   

From my article “Malkin the Best in the World—Penguins Can Win the Cup!” (written January 20th), I quote:

Malkin exploded for 113 points in the 2008-2009 season, and that enabled him to capture the scoring title (winning the Art Ross Trophy) with a 3 point victory over Ovechkin! Ovechkin was awarded the Hart Trophy while Malkin was the runner-up. Malkin was plus 17 in this season while Ovechkin was plus 8. Crosby finished in third in scoring with 103 points in 77 games played and was plus 3 for the season. The Penguins won the Stanley Cup this year and Malkin was awarded the Conn Smythe Trophy for being the best player in the playoffs. In my opinion, winning the Art Ross, the Conn Smythe and the Stanley Cup all in one year made Malkin the most valuable player in the league, the guy who did it all from start to finish—the best in the world all things considered. If this statement angers you, I would like you to consider the fact that the greatest players make their teammates a lot better and they win Stanley Cups, and that is the additional value that is not registered in statistics. Mario Lemieux, Mark Messier and Wayne Gretzky are a few examples of players who had a lot more value than just their scoring abilities. On the other hand, Ovechkin has not been able to have a “Stanley Cup winning effect” on his teammates. It is a character issue. If you were an NHL player back in 2009, would you have rather played on Ovechkin’s team or Malkin’s? Would you rather be wearing a Stanley Cup Champion ring on your finger or be on a losing team? The fact is that it is all about going through the regular season and getting better as a team so that you can make a run at the ultimate prize: the Stanley Cup! Winning the Cup is something that cannot be taken from you and you can cherish it for life! By the way, I like to think that most great players have respect for their teammates and their teammates respect them in return.”

Malkin is the King of the NHL right now and watch him perform come playoff time.

TJ Stanley

Friday, March 23, 2012

Duncan Keith Suspended Five Games — Not Legitimate Norris Candidate — Pants Pulled Down by Ovechkin and Stempniak

If you haven’t seen the video of Duncan Keith elbowing Daniel Sedin in the face you can do so now by clicking the link in last Wednesday’s article entitled “NHL—Fighting and Dirty Play.” Clearly, Duncan Keith deserved a big suspension for elbowing Sedin, and as I stated in Wednesday’s article, suspensions and fines need to be much harsher to significantly reduce these types of infractions. Sedin was injured and is out “indefinitely” due to a “head injury” according to TSN. It could be a concussion. Keith was given just five games for injuring one of the best players in the league, and I believe that the NHL needs to double that and give similar first-time offenders 10 games. Five games simply is not enough for causing a serious injury to another player. And, repeat offenders should be given 20 games! You better believe that harsher suspensions would prevent a lot of unnecessary injuries to star players because nobody wants to give up their pay. Why the NHL has not increased the suspensions and fines is beyond me, and I can only attribute it to mental constipation. Shanahan and company don’t have the intelligence to reason like normal people. How can they be so “out of touch” with what is going on before their eyes? It makes you wonder how poorly their plan to eliminate fighting will turn out?

Regarding Duncan Keith, I am not going to be easy on the guy in this article because he knew what he was doing and the entire Blackhawk team has done their best to brutalize the Canucks over the last few years. Did you see the first round playoff match-up between the two teams last year? The Blackhawks committed crime after crime and the refs just let it go because they wanted to give the defending Stanley Cup Champs all the help that they could. The league would make a lot more money if an American team was to win the Cup, and what other reason could it have been? Well, the Canucks managed to just get by the Blackhawks but then in the Boston series the refs let the animals on the Bruins do what they wanted and the Sedins and other players were afraid of injury and the Bruins stole the Cup. That is the unbiased truth of the matter. Honestly, to me it does not matter if a Canadian or American team wins the Cup as long as the best team is given a fair chance by having refs call ALL the penalties so that the real hockey players can display their talent! My favorite teams in the NHL include Canadian and American teams—four from each country.  

In getting back to Duncan Keith, since he purposely injured Sedin and did not get a stiff enough suspension I am going to pull down his pants. In my opinion, he should not merit any consideration this year for the Norris, and he was fortunate to have been given the trophy during the Blackhawks Stanley Cup year—2009-2010. In the Stanley Cup year Toews, Sharp and Hossa had a better plus-minus than Keith, while last year Keith was minus-1 for the year—utterly brutal! Among the regular players on the team last year with better plus-minus included Toews (plus-25), Kane, Hossa, Seabrook, Bolland, Bickell, Campbell (plus-28), Stalberg, Dowell, Skille, Pisani, Hjalmarsson, Frolik, Cullimore, Boynton and Scott! No genuine Norris Trophy-quality defenseman goes from winning the trophy one year to going minus-1 the following year—a plus-minus which was one of the worst on the entire Blackhawk team! What a joke! Clearly, Keith is over-rated. This year he has improved I admit but in plus-minus he is currently 53rd in the league.

Who are better defensemen than Keith this year? Some include (and perhaps not in exact order) Shea Weber, Kris Letang, Brian Campbell, Chara, Erik Karlsson, Lidstrom, Ryan Suter and Alex Pietrangelo. Should I add Michael Del Zotto, Dan Hamhuis, Kevin Bieksa, Ian White, Dan Girardi and Kevin Shattenkirk to the list?

Finally, let us have a couple of good, hard, and deserved laughs at Duncan Keith as he is undressed by two different players.

First, Lee Stempniak of the Flames makes Keith look like a minor-league player in the following video. Maybe Keith was high on something or perhaps he ate a bacteria-ridden chicken or turkey sub and was having trouble playing due intestinal cramps and diarrhea? This one took place on Nov. 18, 2011.

After watching please remember to click the back arrow in your browser to return to my site to see Ovechkin in the second video. Thanks to youtube!

Ovechkin does an awesome between the legs move and makes Keith look like a fool. This was on March 18, 2012.

After watching click the back arrow in your browser to return.

TJ Stanley

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Predators Greatly Increase their Chances of Winning Cup with Return of Radulov

Alexander Radulov was selected by the Predators in the 1st Round of the 2004 NHL Entry Draft, 15th overall. He is 6'1'' and 205 pounds and plays the right wing. In his rookie year, 2006-2007, he played 64 games and compiled 18 goals and 19 assists for 37 points, and was also plus-19. In his sophomore year he played 81 games and had 26 goals and 32 assists for a total of 58 points, and was plus-7.

To the great dismay of the Predators, he then decided to leave the team and return to Russia to play in the KHL. He was extremely successful in the KHL over the last four years, winning scoring titles, most valuable player awards, and a championship. His team fell short of the playoffs this year and he decided to agree to return to the Predators. It appears that he is free of his contract with his KHL team so he might be here for long-term, but his NHL entry level contract will expire this year (making him a restricted free agent) so the Predators would have to offer him a big contract to secure his services for next year and onward. Radulov is now 25 years old and I expect him to be better than his two previous seasons with the Predators. He is also extremely competitive and likes to win so that should be enough to convince the rest of the Predators that he is good for the team.

By the way, in my opinion, if a player leaves to play in a different country before his contract has expired, and without good reason for leaving, he should not be allowed to return to the NHL. Letting players control the league is a mistake.

Radulov’s First Game Back and Playoff Hopes

On Thursday, March 22, just one day after arriving in the United States, Radulov decided to get right into action and made his first appearance for the Predators in a road game against the Penguins. He played pretty well and scored the Predators only goal in a 5-1 loss. The score did not entirely reflect the game since the Pens only had 23 shots on net while the Predators had 30. Malkin had 10 of the Pens shots on net and two goals, while Neal had four assists in the game. The main difference in the game was Pekka Rinne’s poor play, whose Save Percentage was a brutal .783. It was Rinne’s second poor game in a row and that is very uncharacteristic of him and obviously a cause of concern for the Predators. He will have to be on top of his game for the Predators to have any chance of going far in the playoffs. If he returns to form the Predators are going to be extremely tough in post-season action and they could even go all the way because Vancouver is not playing well at all and the Red Wings have struggled with injuries and some let-downs.

You can view Radulov's goal by clicking the following link.

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TJ Stanley

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NHL - Fighting and Dirty Play

Yesterday I spoke about Taylor Hall’s injuries and also his recent concussion which was caused by Cory Sarich of the Flames. I presented numerous videos on Sarich to prove that he is a predator in the NHL—a guy who purposely attempts to hit players when they have their heads down and are vulnerable. One of the videos is an on-ice conversation and demonstration by Sarich and in it he clearly describes his intentions of trying to hit players who have their heads down, and in fact he shows how he actually tries to fool opponents into thinking that he is backing-up. I recommend that you view that video because it shows Sarich to be the type of predator that the NHL needs to expel from the league. Why is the NHL refusing to do so?

The NHL’s refusal to crack-down much harder on players like Sarich is a huge mistake because great players (Crosby, Backstrom, Letang…..) are being sidelined and permanently damaged due to dirty hits, hits where players are in vulnerable positions and not expecting to be hit. Suspensions need to be a lot longer and fines much larger in order to significantly reduce the number of injuries to the more talented players. This is hockey and we want to watch the greatest hockey players and not the dirtiest players! In the video that we shall now watch you will see the type of brutality that needs to be eliminated from the game. This incident occurred tonight in the game between the Canucks and the Blackhawks. Duncan Keith clearly elbows Daniel Sedin in the face and Sedin drops to the ice. Sedin attempted to play but had to leave the game and was not able to return. Brendan Shanahan has favored certain players in his decisions (Lucic for example) and if he does not suspend and fine Keith for this elbow it will be a crime against Sedin, the Canucks and hockey.

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Duncan Keith elbows Daniel Sedin in the face, March 21, 2012. Thanks to youtube!

When players like Milan Lucic purposely try to injure opponents and the refs and the league don’t punish them severely, then, the teams of the victims have no choice but to defend themselves so that the dirty play is greatly reduced. This is where fighters come in and they are currently needed in the game. The NHL is talking about eliminating fighting but they had better start increasing suspensions and fines and give instructions to the refs to call ALL penalties (regular season and in the playoffs), or, eliminating fighting would actually damage the game. If dirty players are allowed (by refs and the league) to continue to rule the league and to strike fear into other players then who really wants to watch hockey? The Sedins couldn’t even play in the Finals last year because it was a bloody circus and they did not want to be seriously injured! This was the reason why the Bruins won the Cup and every honest person would agree. Hockey is a game that should enable players of skill to skate, pass, stick-handle, score, and to also throw clean body checks without having to continually worry about being injured by a dirty player. Unfortunately, the game has moved away from that because the league has not been tough enough on offenders. Rules are an important part of the game and when they are broken penalties need to be called. Penalties are given because players are not playing the game the way it was meant to be played! For committing infractions the team must in turn give the other team an advantage to score, a power-play. Cross-checking, high-sticking, slashing, boarding, elbowing, holding, tripping, and hooking should not be as profuse in the game as it is today, and the solution is to penalize teams even greater when clear-cut infractions occur. Why is the NHL not doing this?

Fighting in the Game

Since the NHL is not enforcing the game as they should, teams need to enforce it themselves by having fighters. The Oilers had Steve MacIntyre in their line-up last year for 34 games and I can tell you that the Flames and other teams did NOT take so many liberties with the better Oiler players during those games. The Oilers should have worked with him more and had him participate in more games. Then, the Oilers made a mistake by not making a serious effort to keep MacIntyre and he signed as a free agent with the Penguins. The Oilers really don’t have a guy who can seriously intimidate players on the Flames or other teams and they should—up until the NHL makes major changes so that the better players are protected.  

Last year in Edmonton, on October 7th, 2010, the Flames rolled into Edmonton in a continuation of the bitter rivalry between the two teams. Calgary brought with them tough guy Raitis Ivanans and he wanted to show the Oilers (and his bosses) that he was the “man” and that they had better be careful; so, he challenged Steve MacIntyre to a fight. Well, you can see the result in the video by clicking on the link below. Let me tell you that every Flame player thought twice, and then several more times about committing a heinous infraction against any of the Oilers “top guns” in that game and subsequent games. Let’s watch MacIntyre destroy Ivanans and leave the Calgary Flames bench speechless.

I have removed the embedded video to speed-up my site. Please click the link below to watch it on youtube. After watching, click the back arrow on your browser to return to my site.

By the way, Steve MacIntyre is currently playing with the Penguins AHL affiliate the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins. Considering what players on opposing teams have done to Crosby and Letang, I would have MacIntyre up and in the Penguins line-up, and especially when they play the dirtiest team in the league—the Bruins. I prefer that the NHL properly enforce the rules so that fighting is not necessary; however, if the NHL does not enforce ALL penalties (regular season and in the playoffs) and increase fines and suspensions; then, it would be better to leave fighting in the game. The NHL needs to get serious and make some major changes.

You know what I hate? I hate when playoff time comes around and I have to hear announcers and commentators say, “The refs are letting them play.” The truth of the matter is they are NOT letting the great players play but rather are letting the animals run wild and turn the game into a circus. The NHL has continued to allow this bullshit year after year after year and it ruins the playoffs.

If the great players are allowed to play hockey in the regular season they should be allowed to play hockey in the playoffs without being hindered due to penalties being allowed to be freely committed against them. Why the NHL cannot use commonsense is beyond me!

TJ Stanley

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Taylor Hall’s Four Injuries in Two Years and Cory Sarich of the Flames

Unfortunately, Oilers “poster boy” Taylor Hall suffered yet another injury this past Friday (March 16th) when the Oilers hosted the Flames. This is his fourth significant injury in less than two years and you have to wonder why he won’t work more on his balance, keep his head up, slow down, exercise more intelligence on and off the ice, and listen to his coaches and family? Hall is absolutely reckless. If he wants to preserve what’s left of his career and the financial rewards that it brings he is going to have to start listening to people who know better. Every injury and unnecessary expenditure of nervous energy takes away from his career and life. By the way, I hate the way that the Oilers have made him their poster boy, having him with a big smile in every photo—you know. Eberle wasn’t chosen 1st overall in the 2008 draft (he was 22nd) so the Oilers felt that he did not qualify to be the main poster boy—despite the on-ice miracles he performed before being drafted. Well, everyone knows that Eberle is a superior player offensively and defensively as compared to Hall, and more mature, and that along with the money that he will be making in the future should be more than enough for Eberle. In this article we shall discuss Hall’s injuries and also view some videos including Hall’s fight with Derek Dorsett, Corey Potter stepping on Hall’s head with his skate, and Flames defenseman Cory Sarich hitting Hall this past Friday which resulted in a concussion.

We shall also prove by video that Sarich is a predator who has intentions of severely damaging other players. In an on-ice video we will hear Sarich proudly explain his art of body-checking, and he boldly states that he looks for players who have their heads down and that he actually attempts to fool players into taking their eyes off of him so that he can move in on them and do his damage. Not only does he explain this but illustrates his methods while on the ice. We will also take a look at videos of his brutal hits on Marleau, Cooke, and Chimera. By the way, planning to get a guy who is in a vulnerable position and ratifying the plan is against the new NHL rules, but Sarich and other players do it anyway because the NHL is not being tough enough regarding suspensions and fines.

Let’s start with the Cory Sarich video because it lays the foundation for this recent injury of Taylor Hall. Afterwards I shall present the videos of Sarich’s hits on other players and conclude with his hit on Hall. Finally, we shall take a look at Hall’s other three injuries in chronological order, as well as his injury while vacationing in Mexico during the All-Star break.

Okay, listen and watch the horse’s ass himself (Sarich) as he describes and demonstrates his plans.  

Please remember to click the back arrow in your browser after watching the video so that you can return to my site to read the rest of the article and view the other videos. Thanks to youtube!

Below is a link to watch the Marleau hit again. Craig Simpson is commentating and he is totally wrong when he claims that is was a clean hit because Marleau is bleeding from the nose due to the fact that Sarich elbowed him in the face—on purpose. If you watch the last replay at the very end of the video you will clearly see that it was an elbow to the face.

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Here is a video of Sarich targeting the head of Cooke of the Penguins. Cooke is a dirty bugger himself but I am focusing on Sarich in this article.

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Here is a video of a dirty hit by Sarich on Chimera and should have been a suspension and fine.

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Hall’s Fourth Injury — Concussion in Calgary Game

On March 16th the Flames visited Edmonton in a continuation of the bitter rivalry between the two teams. At 1:18 of the first period, and in the Oilers end, Hall went towards the puck which was being cleared around the boards. He was approaching the boards and was about halfway up the face-off circle when he started to fall and that was when Sarich made contact with Hall’s head and he hit the ice. Sarich did not hit Hall the way that he wanted—hard—but the result for Hall was even worse since he suffered a concussion.

Here is the link. I chose this video because only two were available and this was the best one, despite having a Russian announcer.

Please click the back arrow in your browser after watching.

Hall’s First Injury — Ankle In Fight

Hall’s first injury occurred on March 3rd in the 2010-2011 season, and it was an Oilers home game against the Blue Jackets. I want to mention that for the first half of the season Hall had a major problem with falling down very frequently and sometimes even twice per shift. He had improved a great deal later in the season and in the video we are about to watch you will witness his best display of skating and stick-handling for the entire year. It was the second period of the game and Hall made a beautiful rush and almost scored, and then shortly afterwards he hit a Blue Jacket player who had his head down. Derek Dorsett of the Blue Jackets did not like the hit on his teammate and he went at Hall and gave him a little tap and then Hall skated for the puck and Dorsett followed and gave him a good shot against the boards. Hall then retaliated and dropped his gloves and started to fight. It was a huge mistake for Hall to lose his cool and to choose to get into an altercation with Dorsett. Hall knew that Dorsett was their tough guy because the Oilers had played the Blue Jackets on three occasions (Oct. 28, Dec. 16 and Feb.5) prior to this game. Furthermore, in this game Dorsett had already fought Oiler Jason Strudwick so Hall knew that Dorsett was a guy to avoid. And of course, before the first meeting of the season between the teams the coaches and players have the responsibility of knowing each and every opponent that they face. All said, Hall was plain stupid for going back at Dorsett. 

In the fight Hall was roughed-up by Dorsett and Hall ended-up falling in a strange way that caused his ankle to be injured and his season to be cut short. Hall would miss the remaining 17 games. It all could have been prevented by Hall himself and you would have thought that he would have learned a lesson that would have humbled him; however, in talking to the media some time afterwards he was quite cocky and stated that he would fight again if he felt that he needed to. His statements showed his immaturity and lack of wisdom, and he needs to realize that he is not a fighter and that he does not have the balance to scrap most players in the league. Okay, here’s the video.

After watching the video click the back arrow on your browser to return to my site.

Hall’s Second Injury — Shoulder After Hit

Hall suffered his first injury of the 2011-2012 season on November 26 in a game in Colorado against the Avalanche. In the first period Hall was hit by defenseman Ryan Wilson and suffered an injury to his shoulder. Hall attempted to return but by the time the second period began he was not on the bench. This injury caused Hall to miss the next seven games.

Hall’s Third Injury — Laceration to Forehead in Warm-up

On January 17, 2012 the Oilers visited Columbus to take on the Blue Jackets and Hall slipped on a puck in the warm-up and knocked one of his teammates to the ice and both of them slid into the boards where Corey Potter was skating. Potter made a strange attempt to step over Hall but was unsuccessful and stepped on Hall’s forehead causing a deep laceration that required 30 stitches to repair. Hall’s eye blackened and was very swollen.

It was double humiliation for Hall because it was against the Blue Jackets the previous year that he was injured in the fight against Derek Dorsett. The fans in Columbus had seen that on television and were now watching Hall assisted off the ice again.

Foolishly, Hall decided to return to the line-up just four days later in a home game against the Flames. I really have to wonder about the Oilers organization for letting him come back too soon? Obviously, they felt that they could sell a few more tickets to the game and how shameful that is. Photos of Hall’s injury had surfaced and they felt that people would want to see Hall in person. 

Below are links to watch the injury and to see a photo of Hall’s forehead and black eye.

After watching the video please remember to click the back arrow on your browser to return to my site.

You can see Hall’s forehead and eye in a photo on the following CBC webpage.

Remember to click the back arrow in your browser after viewing.

Hall’s Stupid Off-Ice Injury — Golfing in Sandals

After the game against the Flames, the Oilers played the Sharks on January 23rd and the Canucks on the 24th. Then it was All-Star break, a break for those players not going to the event. Hall was not going to be in the game so he decided to take a trip to Mexico with Sam Gagner, Hemsky, and a couple of other Oilers and their wives. With a forehead that needed to heal you would think that Hall would have just RESTED and rested and rested for the four or five days that they had. Hall decided to go golfing and maybe that is not so bad, but who forgets their shoes and decides to golf in a pair of sandals? Hall injured one of his toes, and he did so due to his refusal to miss out on a game of golf! With the money that he has you would think that he would just walk into a store and buy a pair of shoes rather than to use his sandals? The kid is reckless and it is not a quality that any NHL team wants in a player—except maybe the Oilers who seem to excuse him for everything.  

Article That I Wrote In January

This past January, in my article entitled “Oilers—“Burning Oil” and in Need of a “Change”” I stated:

“I fear that Hall’s career will be riddled with injuries due to his poor balance and getting into positions that are too dangerous. Before the draft the Oilers had to have known that he had an issue with balance, and in fact I believe that Lowe questioned him about it but they went forth to select him away. I also don’t like Hall’s degree of pride and stick-throwing in practice.”

Well, let us hope that Taylor Hall will start to seriously consider the last two years and prepare himself better for NHL-caliber hockey.

Hopefully his mom can convince him to rest when he needs to rest, to stop living off of fast food, and to buy shoes when he needs shoes!

TJ Stanley

Monday, March 19, 2012

Rangers and Devils Brawl

Monday night’s game at Madison Square Garden began with a three-fight brawl right at the opening face-off. Rangers Stu Bickel dropped the gloves with Ryan Carter of the Devils, while Mike Rupp of the Rangers took on Eric Boulton, and Brandon Prust scrapped Cam Janssen of the Devils. 

Rangers coach John Tortorella had started his tough guys on December 20, 2011 when they visited New Jersey so Devils coach Peter DeBoer decided to do the same in his return visits tonight and also back on February 7. In the December 20th game in New Jersey Mike Rupp and Cam Janssen fought right at the opening face-off, and in the February 7 game Rupp, Janssen, Prust and Boulton all fought at the opening face-off. When the Devils visited the Rangers on February 27 the game did not start with a fight, and in the following game between the teams on March 6 in New Jersey the game did not begin with a fight, although one occurred between Carter and Dubinsky at 3:03 of the first period.  

Tortorella is ultimately the guy responsible for all of the nonsense during the games between the two teams this year because he should never have started his tough guys in New Jersey on December 20—and he knows that damn well. This is hockey and not boxing so you always start your better players. The NHL should have fined Tortorella for purposely starting the game with intentions of having at least one of his players fight and that would have prevented all of the other fights at the start of the subsequent games. DeBoer is also guilty because he should have let things rest and not started his fighters in Monday’s game. He had already retaliated and he should not have done so again.  

This is the type of garbage that should be eliminated from the game despite fans enjoying it so much. Fighting due to a dirty hit is another thing altogether. And, if the NHL wants to remove fighting from the game the only way to do it is to call penalties according to the rule book—always, and in the regular season and the playoffs—and to also give much more severe suspensions and fines. Making offenders pay a heavier price would be effective. Additionally, more changes need to be made in minor hockey so that players are not trained to play dirty.

You can watch Monday night’s brawl at the following link.

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TJ Stanley

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jets, Caps, Hurricanes – Byfuglien Blows Game for Jets

Yesterday I spoke about the Jets and their chances of making the playoffs this year. I also discussed their liabilities, namely Dustin Byfuglien and some members of their third and fourth lines.

On Sunday, the Capitals visited Chicago to play the Blackhawks, while the Hurricanes were on the road to play the Jets. The Blackhawks game began about 90 minutes before the Jets game and the Hawks overcame the Capitals by a score of 5-2. What great news for Jet fans who had been keeping tabs on that game with hopes that the Caps would lose. Meanwhile, the Jets had gained a 3-2 lead shortly before the end of the second period of play in Winnipeg. The third period was tense and with just under 10 minutes left Dustin Byfuglien got caught sleeping and Eric Staal broke up the ice on a breakaway and snapped a shot past Pavelec to tie the game. I don’t understand why Byfuglien doesn’t cut some weight and why assistant coach Charlie Huddy doesn’t work him and teach him how to skate faster? Huddy was not a fast skater himself early in his career but he worked at it and within two years he became one of the fastest skaters on the Oilers.

Anyway, the two teams continued to battle and can you guess who Jets coach Claude Noel had on the ice with just two minutes left in the game? Byfuglien! Even after he had been responsible for the tying goal by Staal, and despite the fact that Byfuglien is easily the biggest defensive liability on the team! As I stated in yesterday’s article on the Jets, Byfuglien had the worst plus-minus in the regular season and in the playoffs when he played with the Blackhawks during the 2009-2010 Cup-winning season. I quote:

“Dustin Byfuglien has major issues in the plus-minus department as compared to his teammates and his dedication and effort has been brought into question as well. The year he won the Cup with the Blackhawks he was one of the only two players in minus figures in the regular season and in fact he was the worst on the team at minus-7. Duncan Keith was plus-21 and had 35 more points than Byfuglien, Toews was plus-22, Sharp was plus-24, Hossa was plus-24, Kane was plus-16, Brian Campbell was plus-18 and Seabrook was plus-20. In the playoffs, Byfuglien almost matched Keith in points but he still had the worst plus-minus on the team at minus-4. You really can’t excuse his defensive problems because he has been a liability every year. Yet, to my amazement, he was rewarded with a five-year deal worth 26 million (which began this year). Nice gift!”

Well, with less than two minutes to go Eric Staal moved the puck down the center of the ice and he was checked by another player and the puck bounced towards Byfuglien and he swatted at it twice as he was slowly going backwards and he knocked it forward onto the stick of Chad LaRose. As that happened, Byfuglien continued to skate backwards and wiped himself out and fell to his knees (hard to believe he’s in the NHL), thus leaving Staal all alone in front of Pavelec. LaRose moved into an open area and fired the puck past Pavelec with just 1:22 left in the game! Pavelec gave Byfuglien a dirty look and motioned to break his stick over the crossbar. Can you blame him! Byfuglien can’t skate at the NHL level and left Pavelec at the mercy of two players. The Hurricanes hung on to get the victory and what a tremendous disappointment for Jets fans. Byfuglien was responsible for both the tying and losing goals and he was minus-3 in the game! Andrew Ladd, who also has problems defensively was minus-3 as well.

Click the link below to watch Byfuglien blow the game for the Jets and probably cost them a playoff spot this year! BRUTAL!

Note:  You can watch the two goals by clicking the video signs at the right hand side of the page (the two third period goals), rather than clicking the video in the center of the page which has the entire game highlights.

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The Jets loss can be directly blamed on Dustin Byfuglien and Claude Noel for having Byfuglien—a known major defensive liability—on the ice with two minutes left in the most important game of the year! The loss will likely cost the Jets their chance at the playoffs because they have seven road games left and only three home games. They desperately needed that home win and to take advantage on a loss by the Capitals. If I was Kevin Cheveldayoff (VP and GM of the Jets) I would fire Claude Noel at the end of the season and also try to trade Byfuglien this summer and get rid of his huge and undeserved salary! Get rid of Noel? Seriously, yes, because you can’t make mistakes like that at the NHL level, and also because he is not responsible for the teams improvement this year. That glory belongs to the fans in Winnipeg who have inspired a much better home record than last year (see my previous article for stats); and, the team’s improvement is also obviously due to the maturing of Evander Kane, Blake Wheeler’s first full season with the team, and the signing Kyle Wellwood because he has played very well.

Carolina Hurricanes

With the victory over the Jets the Hurricanes have leap-frogged the Lightning and the Leafs and now sit in 11th in the Eastern Conference with 73 points—just five points back of the Capitals who have 78, although the Hurricanes have played 73 games while the Caps have played 72. The Hurricanes have won three games in a row and with nine games left they really are not out of the playoffs quite yet. In fact, the Hurricanes have a very favorable schedule to finish the year with home games against the Panthers, Jets, Devils and Canadiens; and, road games against the Blue Jackets, Red Wings, Leafs, Panthers and Senators. When you look back at what happened to the Stars last year you never know.

Buffalo Sabres

Cody Hodgson is still POINTLESS after 10 games with the Sabres and he is minus-5! His swelling pride has obviously prevented him from playing his best hockey. Nevertheless, the Sabres team is still battling and they have 76 points, just two behind the Caps with both teams having played 72 games. In the Sabres final ten games they will host the Canadiens, Wild, Penguins and Leafs; and, be on the road to play the Lightning, Rangers, Capitals, Leafs, Flyers and Bruins. That is not really appetizing considering the improved play of the Leafs, the great recent play of the Penguins and the Flyers, and the Bruins who are going to turn things around to keep the Senators from overtaking them in the Northeast Division.


Their final ten games include hosting the Jets, Wild, Sabres, Canadiens and Panthers; and, their road games will be against the Red Wings, Flyers, Bruins, Lightning and Rangers.


The Jets will now have seven road games and just three home games to finish out the season. They will be on the road against the Penguins, Capitals, Hurricanes, Predators, Lightning, Panthers and Islanders; while, their home games will be against the Lightning, Rangers and Senators.

TJ Stanley