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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cody Hodgson’s Deception and his Seven Games Without a Point in Buffalo

Cody Hodgson was repeatedly asked by media (including Scott Oake on HNIC) if he or his agent asked the Canucks for a trade, and rather than being upfront and honest he decided to be deceptive by avoiding the question. You would think that he would have been smart enough to foresee that he was going to be asked the question over and over again and that it would therefore have been better to just be honest rather than looking like a fool by dodging question after question? Furthermore, most fans would not have held it against him if he had asked for the trade because he was playing behind Sedin and Kesler and was not getting the amount of ice time that he wanted. However, being deceptive is something that fans really hate. I like Hodgson but he made a mistake in not being up front and I lost some respect for him due to that fact. It was sickening to watch his interview with Oake. If Hodgson did not ask to be traded then he would have definitely stated that he did not, and therefore we can be sure that he did ask for it—either directly or indirectly.

I also believe that Cody made a mistake by requesting the trade at this time in the season rather than having a great shot to win the Stanley Cup with the Canucks. You have to wonder how important winning the Cup is to him? If I was in his position I would have wanted a trade and asked for one but not until the end of the year; and, after being traded I would have been up front by stating to the media that I asked for the trade.

Finally, I want to mention that Hodgson has played seven games for the Sabres and has yet to register a point. I hope that he can get something soon, but the most important thing is winning and getting into the playoffs—and the Sabres beat the Senators in a shootout on Saturday and the win keeps them two points behind the Capitals (although the Caps have one game in hand).  

TJ Stanley