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Friday, March 23, 2012

Duncan Keith Suspended Five Games — Not Legitimate Norris Candidate — Pants Pulled Down by Ovechkin and Stempniak

If you haven’t seen the video of Duncan Keith elbowing Daniel Sedin in the face you can do so now by clicking the link in last Wednesday’s article entitled “NHL—Fighting and Dirty Play.” Clearly, Duncan Keith deserved a big suspension for elbowing Sedin, and as I stated in Wednesday’s article, suspensions and fines need to be much harsher to significantly reduce these types of infractions. Sedin was injured and is out “indefinitely” due to a “head injury” according to TSN. It could be a concussion. Keith was given just five games for injuring one of the best players in the league, and I believe that the NHL needs to double that and give similar first-time offenders 10 games. Five games simply is not enough for causing a serious injury to another player. And, repeat offenders should be given 20 games! You better believe that harsher suspensions would prevent a lot of unnecessary injuries to star players because nobody wants to give up their pay. Why the NHL has not increased the suspensions and fines is beyond me, and I can only attribute it to mental constipation. Shanahan and company don’t have the intelligence to reason like normal people. How can they be so “out of touch” with what is going on before their eyes? It makes you wonder how poorly their plan to eliminate fighting will turn out?

Regarding Duncan Keith, I am not going to be easy on the guy in this article because he knew what he was doing and the entire Blackhawk team has done their best to brutalize the Canucks over the last few years. Did you see the first round playoff match-up between the two teams last year? The Blackhawks committed crime after crime and the refs just let it go because they wanted to give the defending Stanley Cup Champs all the help that they could. The league would make a lot more money if an American team was to win the Cup, and what other reason could it have been? Well, the Canucks managed to just get by the Blackhawks but then in the Boston series the refs let the animals on the Bruins do what they wanted and the Sedins and other players were afraid of injury and the Bruins stole the Cup. That is the unbiased truth of the matter. Honestly, to me it does not matter if a Canadian or American team wins the Cup as long as the best team is given a fair chance by having refs call ALL the penalties so that the real hockey players can display their talent! My favorite teams in the NHL include Canadian and American teams—four from each country.  

In getting back to Duncan Keith, since he purposely injured Sedin and did not get a stiff enough suspension I am going to pull down his pants. In my opinion, he should not merit any consideration this year for the Norris, and he was fortunate to have been given the trophy during the Blackhawks Stanley Cup year—2009-2010. In the Stanley Cup year Toews, Sharp and Hossa had a better plus-minus than Keith, while last year Keith was minus-1 for the year—utterly brutal! Among the regular players on the team last year with better plus-minus included Toews (plus-25), Kane, Hossa, Seabrook, Bolland, Bickell, Campbell (plus-28), Stalberg, Dowell, Skille, Pisani, Hjalmarsson, Frolik, Cullimore, Boynton and Scott! No genuine Norris Trophy-quality defenseman goes from winning the trophy one year to going minus-1 the following year—a plus-minus which was one of the worst on the entire Blackhawk team! What a joke! Clearly, Keith is over-rated. This year he has improved I admit but in plus-minus he is currently 53rd in the league.

Who are better defensemen than Keith this year? Some include (and perhaps not in exact order) Shea Weber, Kris Letang, Brian Campbell, Chara, Erik Karlsson, Lidstrom, Ryan Suter and Alex Pietrangelo. Should I add Michael Del Zotto, Dan Hamhuis, Kevin Bieksa, Ian White, Dan Girardi and Kevin Shattenkirk to the list?

Finally, let us have a couple of good, hard, and deserved laughs at Duncan Keith as he is undressed by two different players.

First, Lee Stempniak of the Flames makes Keith look like a minor-league player in the following video. Maybe Keith was high on something or perhaps he ate a bacteria-ridden chicken or turkey sub and was having trouble playing due intestinal cramps and diarrhea? This one took place on Nov. 18, 2011.

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Ovechkin does an awesome between the legs move and makes Keith look like a fool. This was on March 18, 2012.

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TJ Stanley