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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Taylor Hall’s Four Injuries in Two Years and Cory Sarich of the Flames

Unfortunately, Oilers “poster boy” Taylor Hall suffered yet another injury this past Friday (March 16th) when the Oilers hosted the Flames. This is his fourth significant injury in less than two years and you have to wonder why he won’t work more on his balance, keep his head up, slow down, exercise more intelligence on and off the ice, and listen to his coaches and family? Hall is absolutely reckless. If he wants to preserve what’s left of his career and the financial rewards that it brings he is going to have to start listening to people who know better. Every injury and unnecessary expenditure of nervous energy takes away from his career and life. By the way, I hate the way that the Oilers have made him their poster boy, having him with a big smile in every photo—you know. Eberle wasn’t chosen 1st overall in the 2008 draft (he was 22nd) so the Oilers felt that he did not qualify to be the main poster boy—despite the on-ice miracles he performed before being drafted. Well, everyone knows that Eberle is a superior player offensively and defensively as compared to Hall, and more mature, and that along with the money that he will be making in the future should be more than enough for Eberle. In this article we shall discuss Hall’s injuries and also view some videos including Hall’s fight with Derek Dorsett, Corey Potter stepping on Hall’s head with his skate, and Flames defenseman Cory Sarich hitting Hall this past Friday which resulted in a concussion.

We shall also prove by video that Sarich is a predator who has intentions of severely damaging other players. In an on-ice video we will hear Sarich proudly explain his art of body-checking, and he boldly states that he looks for players who have their heads down and that he actually attempts to fool players into taking their eyes off of him so that he can move in on them and do his damage. Not only does he explain this but illustrates his methods while on the ice. We will also take a look at videos of his brutal hits on Marleau, Cooke, and Chimera. By the way, planning to get a guy who is in a vulnerable position and ratifying the plan is against the new NHL rules, but Sarich and other players do it anyway because the NHL is not being tough enough regarding suspensions and fines.

Let’s start with the Cory Sarich video because it lays the foundation for this recent injury of Taylor Hall. Afterwards I shall present the videos of Sarich’s hits on other players and conclude with his hit on Hall. Finally, we shall take a look at Hall’s other three injuries in chronological order, as well as his injury while vacationing in Mexico during the All-Star break.

Okay, listen and watch the horse’s ass himself (Sarich) as he describes and demonstrates his plans.  

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Below is a link to watch the Marleau hit again. Craig Simpson is commentating and he is totally wrong when he claims that is was a clean hit because Marleau is bleeding from the nose due to the fact that Sarich elbowed him in the face—on purpose. If you watch the last replay at the very end of the video you will clearly see that it was an elbow to the face.

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Here is a video of Sarich targeting the head of Cooke of the Penguins. Cooke is a dirty bugger himself but I am focusing on Sarich in this article.

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Here is a video of a dirty hit by Sarich on Chimera and should have been a suspension and fine.

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Hall’s Fourth Injury — Concussion in Calgary Game

On March 16th the Flames visited Edmonton in a continuation of the bitter rivalry between the two teams. At 1:18 of the first period, and in the Oilers end, Hall went towards the puck which was being cleared around the boards. He was approaching the boards and was about halfway up the face-off circle when he started to fall and that was when Sarich made contact with Hall’s head and he hit the ice. Sarich did not hit Hall the way that he wanted—hard—but the result for Hall was even worse since he suffered a concussion.

Here is the link. I chose this video because only two were available and this was the best one, despite having a Russian announcer.

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Hall’s First Injury — Ankle In Fight

Hall’s first injury occurred on March 3rd in the 2010-2011 season, and it was an Oilers home game against the Blue Jackets. I want to mention that for the first half of the season Hall had a major problem with falling down very frequently and sometimes even twice per shift. He had improved a great deal later in the season and in the video we are about to watch you will witness his best display of skating and stick-handling for the entire year. It was the second period of the game and Hall made a beautiful rush and almost scored, and then shortly afterwards he hit a Blue Jacket player who had his head down. Derek Dorsett of the Blue Jackets did not like the hit on his teammate and he went at Hall and gave him a little tap and then Hall skated for the puck and Dorsett followed and gave him a good shot against the boards. Hall then retaliated and dropped his gloves and started to fight. It was a huge mistake for Hall to lose his cool and to choose to get into an altercation with Dorsett. Hall knew that Dorsett was their tough guy because the Oilers had played the Blue Jackets on three occasions (Oct. 28, Dec. 16 and Feb.5) prior to this game. Furthermore, in this game Dorsett had already fought Oiler Jason Strudwick so Hall knew that Dorsett was a guy to avoid. And of course, before the first meeting of the season between the teams the coaches and players have the responsibility of knowing each and every opponent that they face. All said, Hall was plain stupid for going back at Dorsett. 

In the fight Hall was roughed-up by Dorsett and Hall ended-up falling in a strange way that caused his ankle to be injured and his season to be cut short. Hall would miss the remaining 17 games. It all could have been prevented by Hall himself and you would have thought that he would have learned a lesson that would have humbled him; however, in talking to the media some time afterwards he was quite cocky and stated that he would fight again if he felt that he needed to. His statements showed his immaturity and lack of wisdom, and he needs to realize that he is not a fighter and that he does not have the balance to scrap most players in the league. Okay, here’s the video.

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Hall’s Second Injury — Shoulder After Hit

Hall suffered his first injury of the 2011-2012 season on November 26 in a game in Colorado against the Avalanche. In the first period Hall was hit by defenseman Ryan Wilson and suffered an injury to his shoulder. Hall attempted to return but by the time the second period began he was not on the bench. This injury caused Hall to miss the next seven games.

Hall’s Third Injury — Laceration to Forehead in Warm-up

On January 17, 2012 the Oilers visited Columbus to take on the Blue Jackets and Hall slipped on a puck in the warm-up and knocked one of his teammates to the ice and both of them slid into the boards where Corey Potter was skating. Potter made a strange attempt to step over Hall but was unsuccessful and stepped on Hall’s forehead causing a deep laceration that required 30 stitches to repair. Hall’s eye blackened and was very swollen.

It was double humiliation for Hall because it was against the Blue Jackets the previous year that he was injured in the fight against Derek Dorsett. The fans in Columbus had seen that on television and were now watching Hall assisted off the ice again.

Foolishly, Hall decided to return to the line-up just four days later in a home game against the Flames. I really have to wonder about the Oilers organization for letting him come back too soon? Obviously, they felt that they could sell a few more tickets to the game and how shameful that is. Photos of Hall’s injury had surfaced and they felt that people would want to see Hall in person. 

Below are links to watch the injury and to see a photo of Hall’s forehead and black eye.

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You can see Hall’s forehead and eye in a photo on the following CBC webpage.

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Hall’s Stupid Off-Ice Injury — Golfing in Sandals

After the game against the Flames, the Oilers played the Sharks on January 23rd and the Canucks on the 24th. Then it was All-Star break, a break for those players not going to the event. Hall was not going to be in the game so he decided to take a trip to Mexico with Sam Gagner, Hemsky, and a couple of other Oilers and their wives. With a forehead that needed to heal you would think that Hall would have just RESTED and rested and rested for the four or five days that they had. Hall decided to go golfing and maybe that is not so bad, but who forgets their shoes and decides to golf in a pair of sandals? Hall injured one of his toes, and he did so due to his refusal to miss out on a game of golf! With the money that he has you would think that he would just walk into a store and buy a pair of shoes rather than to use his sandals? The kid is reckless and it is not a quality that any NHL team wants in a player—except maybe the Oilers who seem to excuse him for everything.  

Article That I Wrote In January

This past January, in my article entitled “Oilers—“Burning Oil” and in Need of a “Change”” I stated:

“I fear that Hall’s career will be riddled with injuries due to his poor balance and getting into positions that are too dangerous. Before the draft the Oilers had to have known that he had an issue with balance, and in fact I believe that Lowe questioned him about it but they went forth to select him away. I also don’t like Hall’s degree of pride and stick-throwing in practice.”

Well, let us hope that Taylor Hall will start to seriously consider the last two years and prepare himself better for NHL-caliber hockey.

Hopefully his mom can convince him to rest when he needs to rest, to stop living off of fast food, and to buy shoes when he needs shoes!

TJ Stanley