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Monday, March 5, 2012

Hilarious Post on — Bryzgalov “Mr. Universe”

Yesterday, in the evening, I went to the website and the main article in the center of the homepage was “Mr. Universe” and it was referring to Ilya Bryzgalov because he made 34 saves in a 1-0 shutout over the Capitals.

How absolutely hilarious considering the horrible season he has had for the Flyers and also considering his very queer comments regarding his poor play this year—all excuses. You have to feel bad for his teammates and especially considering the fact that Bryzgalov signed a 9-year contract last summer worth 51 million!

Well,, let us take a look at the stats that “Mr. Universe” has compiled this year and compare him to other goalies in the league.

The stats include his shutout yesterday.

Bryzgalov has a Save Percentage of .901 and that is 39th in the league!

Bryzgalov has three shutouts this entire year and that ties him with 10 other goalies for 17th in the league!

Bryzgalov has a GAA of 2.72 and that is good for 32nd in the league!

Hail to “Mr. Universe” for getting a shutout.

Congratulations to the geniuses at who develop the titles to the posts. I have seen many bad titles but this one was so unbelievably funny that I just had to share it with you!

TJ Stanley