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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Keith Aulie Fights Colin Greening

Below is a video shot by a Lightning fan last night in their home game against the Senators. Keith Aulie of the Lightning (newly acquired from the Leafs) impresses in a scrap against tough-guy Colin Greening from the Senators. However, what you don’t see is the result and it is ice bags and bloody hands. Greening and Aulie should have had the smarts to take off the helmets and especially because they both wear visors; however, since the refs were right there they should have waited until the next time they were on the ice together and then agreed to take off the helmets before getting it on. When helmets with visors are left on it is totally senseless because you cut, bruise, and sometimes break fingers when you make contact.

Aulie is a lot tougher than anybody thought and he gets the victory in the fight. I watched it from another angle and Aulie definitely had the better connections. He also had a bloody ice bag on one of his hands while in the penalty box. Thanks to youtube for video!

TJ Stanley