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Monday, March 12, 2012 Crucifies Canadian Singer

On Sunday March 11, 2012, I visited the website to check some scores and I noticed that on the right hand side of the homepage they had the following statement along with a video link:

Can’t Miss:  Singer Flubs Anthem”

Just reading that annoyed me because don’t they have anything better to do at than make fun of a young lady who forgot some words? And, it was the most important video link that they had because it was the one they deemed “Can’t Miss.”

The singer was Tara Holloway and she was singing at the Senators game. She was trying to sing the anthem in French and forgot some words and then recovered nicely and finished singing in English. I give her a lot of credit for standing in front of thousands of people and trying to sing the anthem in French, and also for being able to gather herself and finish very well.

Well, screw for making the mistake of a young lady their big event of the day, despite the fact that several extremely important games were being played.

TJ Stanley