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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Penguins 10-3 Win Over Flyers — Team Decides to Score More than Fleury Could Let In — Bryzgalov Publicly Excuses Himself Again — Rinaldo’s Attack on Michalek

As I wrote the evening before the game, Bryzgalov is a terrible playoff goaltender and I was expecting him to choke in the playoffs this year just as he had done last year when he was with the Coyotes. Bryzgalov was pulled after letting in five goals out of 18 shots (.722 Save Percentage) and then the Pens scored five more on Bobrovsky who also faced 18 shots—taking his confidence away as well.

After the game, Bryzgalov was quoted as saying, 

“When you have world-class players like they have and constantly they were on the power play, it’s tough to win a game like that.”

This is yet another disgraceful statement by Bryzgalov in excusing his poor play, because, he only played 23:07 of the game before being pulled and it was the Flyers who were constantly on the power play in the first period—five 2 minute penalties against the Pens as compared to just two for the Flyers (and a third at the 20 minute mark which extended into the second period). So, Bryzgalov was merely excusing his own poor play as he has done in the past.    

The other factors in this huge win for the Pens was the greatly improved play of Malkin (2 goals and an assist), an outstanding game by Staal (a hat-trick), more excellent play by Crosby (1 goal and two assists), and a good game for Sullivan (1 goal and two assists), Niskanen (a goal and an assist), and the rest of the team. You have to think that the team was determined to score more goals than Fleury could have let in—8 goals in each of the two previous games. As for Fleury in this game, he faced just 25 shots and let in three for a poor Save Percentage of .880. However, it was a significant improvement over the previous two games, and in the first three games against the Flyers his Save Percentage was utterly brutal at .798 and his GAA was an abominable 6.34. He had faced 84 shots in the three games and let in a brutal 17 goals! That is a goal every fifth shot!

In this 10-3 game, Zac Rinaldo of the Flyers was given a game misconduct for crosschecking and roughing penalties that he committed against Michalek (when the score was 9-3). He should have been given more because he crosschecked, butt-ended, and also punched Michalek in the face. In my opinion, he was so out of hand that he should be suspended for at least one game—Shanahan didn’t have a problem in suspending Neal and Adams. You can view Rinaldo’s circus act by clicking the link below.

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Game 5

What can we expect in the next game? Well, the tides have turned and the Pens should be able to defeat the Flyers again. James Neal and Craig Adams will be back in the line-up for the Pens after serving their one-game suspensions. Asham’s four-game suspension leaves him out of the series and finished for the year unless the Pens can come back and eliminate the Flyers. If the Flyers want to play tough and drop the gloves, the Pens can bring in Steve MacIntyre. He can easily take care of anyone on the Flyers. 

TJ Stanley