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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Raffi Torres Hit on Hossa Hyped by the Media — Shanahan Likely to Continue to be Inconsistent with his Judgments and Give Torres Extra

Marian Hossa is a great player and it is very unfortunate that he appears to have suffered an injury from a hit by Raffi Torres in Game 3 of the series between the Coyotes and Hawks.

In my opinion, the hit by Torres was not near as bad as the media has made it out to be. Hossa had the puck and passed it and then Torres came in and laid a hit on him with his shoulder. True, Torres left his feet but no elbow was thrown so I don’t see any attempt at all to injure Hossa. In fact, if you view the video closely you will see that the injury probably occurred when Hossa’s head hit the ice and not when Torres contacted him. After Hossa hit the ice the trainer told him to remain on the ice and it is hard to say whether Hossa actually needed to be taken off the ice on a stretcher or not. I think he could have gathered himself and left under his own power but it is always best to be safer than sorry. Hossa was released from the hospital later that same evening so his injury could not have been more than whiplash or a mild concussion. That was fantastic news because nobody in their right mind wants to see talented players injured.

Now, comes the part where the NHL exercises punishment on Torres for the hit. Due to the media and Torres’ history, I believe that Shanahan is likely going to give Torres more than he has given to other players in the playoffs. If Shanahan acted as he has with other suspensions in the playoffs he would only give Torres two games. Shanahan let Shea Weber off with a $2500 piggy-bank fine for grabbing Zetterberg behind the head and smashing his head into the glass! I find that a much bigger offense as compared to Torres’ shoulder hit on Hossa because Torres did not intend to injure while Weber clearly did! All said, if Shanahan is going to be consistent he should give Torres two games, but it will likely be more due to the media and Torres’ history.

I would like to see the NHL and Shanahan be much more strict on fines and suspensions because this is the only way to reduce the number of infractions against the best players in the league. Shea Weber should have been given 10 games in my opinion, and also loss of his salary for 10 games (as calculated from his regular season salary). I can’t understand why Shanahan and the NHL cannot figure out how to reduce the injuries! Any child could figure it out. Obviously, $2500 is nothing to Weber when he is making 7.5 million this year! You have to make the players pay deeply for the infractions so that they won’t want to ever commit any again. Shanahan and company at the NHL obviously do not have the reasoning powers to be able to make the player protection plan one that works.

By the way, Hawks coach Joel Quenneville publicly made some derogatory comments about the officiating in the game and the NHL just slapped him with a $10 000 fine

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TJ Stanley