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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Brayden Schenn Crosschecked Crosby and Arron Asham Gives Schenn a Crosscheck Back — Deserved Punishment reports that two Penguin players will have to answer to Brendan Shanahan on Tuesday.

James Neal will have two hearings on Tuesday for a hit on Sean Couturier (no penalty called) and for a charging penalty that he took against Giroux.

Arron Asham will have an in-person hearing on Tuesday for his crosschecking of Brayden Schenn in the first period of Game 3. Asham’s revenge on Schenn is a perfect example of NHL officials not calling a penalty in a previous game and Shanahan not providing additional punishment—and I am speaking of Schenn’s gutless, intent-to-injure crosscheck from behind on Crosby on April 1st that went entirely unpunished, and it was brutal because Crosby was not expecting to be hit from behind since he was not near the puck and was getting ready to leave the ice. Getting hit from behind when you are not expecting it is dangerous, and yet the officials never called a penalty and Shanahan did not punish Schenn despite the fact that it was a clear-cut attempt to injure a superstar player (and one who had just come back from a long time off due to concussion)! Shanahan has no excuse for letting Schenn off. In that game a brawl took place after the crosscheck on Crosby and a clean hit on Briere, and that brawl was entirely the fault of the Flyers (and they should have been fined). Regarding Asham, if Shanahan would have punished Schenn for the brutal crosscheck on Crosby, then, Asham would not have given Schenn what he deserved. My question to Brendan Shanahan is:  Why can’t you provide just punishment so that teams don’t have to mete-out the punishment themselves?

Asham was given a match penalty for his crosscheck and you can expect Shanahan to suspend him for five games, and possibly fifteen games. Shanahan and the officials need to call things fairly and strictly because they know that when they don’t the guilty players (like Schenn) are going to be retaliated against. PREVENTION rather than waiting for the retaliation is much better. You would think that Shanahan and the NHL would be intelligent enough to know that?  

Schenn’s Crosscheck on Crosby on April 1

The announcer in this broadcast below is a total imbecile because he says of Schenn’s hit on Crosby that Schenn is a “character kid…tremendous character.” Tremendous character? For crosschecking a guy from behind when he isn’t expecting it, and doing it to a player who he knew was coming back after suffering a concussion! That isn’t character, but it is mental illness! I am glad at least that Asham got a few good punches in on Schenn in the brawl that occurred later in the game—by the way, to view the brawl click on “Labels” and then on “Pittsburgh Penguins” and then scroll down a few articles until you see the video.

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Asham’s Crosscheck on Shenn — Payback

The announcer is the video below is the same guy who praised Schenn for his crosscheck on Crosby, calling Schenn a “character player.” In this video he says that “Not even Penguin fans can like Asham’s crosscheck on Schenn.” He’s wrong because I am a Pen fan and I LOVE THE PAYBACK because Schenn got what he deserved for purposely trying to injure Crosby. Screw Schenn, and maybe he has learned one of the unwritten rules in hockey: Don’t try to injure better players or anyone else unless you want to be a victim yourself!

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TJ Stanley