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Monday, April 16, 2012

NHL Responsible for Injury to Alfredsson — Shanahan and NHL Favoring Certain Teams — Alfredsson Now Likely to Retire After this Year

In Games 1 and 2 between the Senators and Rangers, Erik Karlsson and Daniel Alfredsson were both targets that Ranger coach John Tortorella set before his players—and if you don’t believe that I suggest that you take a closer look at Tortorella, including his starting a Dec. 20 game in New Jersey with his three enforcers (which in turn led to fights and brawls in this game and subsequent games between the teams because coach Peter DeBoer of the Devils was not going to be pushed-around by Tortorella). Karlsson has been repeatedly punched in the face, slashed, crosschecked, and roughed-up numerous times in the two games, and without penalties being called—purposely not being called, and later I will discuss why. And, in Game 2 the Rangers were able to get Alfredsson, and it was Carl Hagelin who clearly launched his elbow to the head of Alfie. Alfie left the ice and did not return and is “questionable” to play in Game 3 on Monday.

Let’s take a look at Hagelin’s elbow to the head of Daniel Alfredsson and then I shall provide further comments. To return to my site please remember to click the back arrow in your browser after watching.

Brendan Shanahan and the NHL are directly responsible for allowing this act of violence to be executed on Alfredsson because they purposely did not give the officials instructions before, during, or after Game 1 to not tolerate brutality as has been frequently exercised in playoff games. If this was done and longer suspensions given to players who commit serious offenses; then, Hagelin would not have launched his elbow to the head of Alfredsson. In my opinion, the NHL purposely decided to “let the animals play” because that is the Rangers type of game and not the way the Senators play. Of course, the Sens had to retaliate because the officials are refusing to exercise proper justice themselves. A brutal game full of dirty play is obviously to the Rangers advantage because they cannot match the skill of Alfredsson, Karlsson, Spezza and Michalek. We have proof of this fact by simply examining the four regular season games between the teams this season. Ottawa won 5-4, lost 3-2, won 3-0, and won 4-1. Clearly, the Senators are the better team if the officials call the game fairly rather than letting the animals control the game and brutalize the best players!  

The officials, Shanahan and the NHL know that a great player like Karlsson can only be assaulted so many times before he is seriously injured or scared to play like he normally does, so, they let the Rangers players do pretty much anything they wanted in order to give them an advantage and a good chance to win the series.

Shanahan gave Hagelin only three games for the elbow on Alfredsson, but really it is too late since Alfie is injured and the NHL and officials should have gotten control of the game prior to this point rather than favoring the Rangers “style” of play. Furthermore, Shanahan needs to give equal suspensions in the regular season as in the playoffs, and, in the case of Shea Weber, Shanahan only gave him a piggy-bank fine of $2500 for grabbing the head of Zetterberg and smashing his face into the glass! Weber should have received a 10 game suspension and loss of that part of his 7.5 million dollar salary, rather than a $2500 fine which means nothing to Weber. All said, Shanahan has been biased and has favored certain players and teams in the playoffs just as he did throughout the regular season. Anyone who disagrees with that needs to go back and watch all of his judgments, decisions which are not unbiased but show clear favoritism—and Lucic is a prime example, since Shanahan let him get away with murder this year.

Screw Shanahan and the NHL for not making fair and serious efforts to take out the dirty stuff from the game. Suspensions need to be more severe and the players need to have to pay more money, because, this is the only way that the game will improve so that the more elite players can be protected from “animals” who don’t have as much skill. This is pretty straightforward and I wonder why Shanahan and the NHL have not figured it out yet? Fighting is needed in the game right now because the NHL is not enforcing the rules of the game! The NHL has refused to act responsibly by calling all penalties and giving every team an unbiased chance to win. If the NHL is not going to control the animals and properly protect the skilled players then why should we even watch the game? Anyone who wants to watch dirty play and brutality ought to focus on UFC. Hockey fans who have played the game know that brutality takes the beauty out of the game and makes it too dangerous to play. Why should Stamkos, Datsyuk, Giroux, Crosby, Malkin, Eberle and so forth be subjected to the unnecessary risk—that the NHL themselves are creating? It is the NHL themselves who are responsible because they are not enforcing the rules on the ice and neither is Shanahan giving firm enough suspensions and fines. Fines of $2500 are a joke and every player knows it! Have you ever wondered why the NHL would hire a guy like Shanahan for the Player Safety position? That is ridiculous in of itself.

NHL Favored Boston and Chicago Last Year in the Same Way

Last year the NHL allowed the Blackhawks and Bruins to utterly brutalize the Canucks, and it was nothing short of criminal in some instances. What we have is three American teams (Rangers, Blackhawks, and Bruins) who have been allowed to do almost whatever they want to brutalize two Canadian teams. I wonder why? Could it be the huge amount of extra revenue that the NHL makes when an American team wins and when hockey is more popular in the US? Of course that is the reason. As I stated in another article, I am not heavily biased towards a Canadian team winning because four out of my eight favorite teams are in American cities—and the Lightning and Penguins are in my top three of the eight. I am just calling it like I see it and I see purposeful injustice. If the NHL would make sure that officials call the games fairly then we would not have to point fingers. If the NHL would allow the best players to perform in the regular season and also in the playoffs, then, we would see teams with the most talented players winning the Cup every year—and that is the way it should be.   

Alfredsson - Retirement Now?

If Alfie decides to retire at the end of this season, I blame it entirely on Shanahan and the NHL because they did not make any attempt to prevent him from being a victim.  

TJ Stanley