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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Torres Given 25 Game Suspension for Hit on Hossa — Video of Hit

In my previous article on the Raffi Torres hit on Hossa, I stated that Shanahan was likely to be inconsistent and throw the book at Torres. Well, he did just that today by giving Torres a 25 game suspension!

I agree with the suspension and especially after watching the following video which shows a better angle of the hit. I believe that the injury to Hossa’s neck happened when his head hit the ice and not when Torres made contact.

However, I disagree with all of the other suspensions that Shanahan has handed out in the playoffs because they have been far too lenient! And, Shea Weber wasn’t even given a suspension for grabbing Zetterberg behind the head and smashing his face into the glass! This was a purposeful intent to injure and a fit of anger that should have also been given a long suspension along with salary loss; however, Shanahan decided to heavily favor the Predators and Weber and he only game Weber a piggy-bank fine of $2500. That is no punishment whatsoever since Weber makes 7.5 million this year! Clearly, Shanahan favors certain players and teams and he is totally inconsistent in his judgments. As I previously stated, he needs to give longer suspensions and the players need to lose a good chuck of their salaries. This is the ONLY way to significantly reduce dirty hits in the NHL. Shanahan and company haven’t figured this out for some reason? You have to wonder about their intelligence.

I have removed the embedded video and provided a link to watch it. After watching, click the back arrow in your browser to return to my site.

TJ Stanley