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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Capitals Orchestrate Upset of the Bruins — Ward Scores in Overtime


The Capitals were able to eliminate the defending Stanley Cup Champions tonight and it was Joel Ward who was able to bang home the winner in overtime.

Lucic, Thornton, Chara and Marchand: I hope you hackers enjoy your early golfing season this year and I hope that you all can break 100!

From my “NHL Playoff Predictions—East” article I quote:

“Do the Caps have anything to be afraid of? No, because they have won three of the four meetings against the Bruins this year (5-3 win, 4-1 loss, 4-3 win, and 3-2 win).

The Caps goaltenders Vokoun and Neuvirth are both injured, but Braden Holtby is an excellent goalie and had 35 saves in the 4-1 victory over the Rangers. In fact, Holtby’s numbers in seven games played this year are better than both Vokoun and Neuvirth. Holtby has a Save Percentage of .922 , one shutout, and a GAA of 2.49; while, Vokoun, in 48 games played, has a Save Percentage of .917, four shutouts, and a GAA of 2.51.

If the Caps lay it all on the line and Holtby can overcome the nerves and provide the support in net; then, the Caps have a legitimate chance of dethroning the Bruins. Thomas and the Bruins are going to be extremely tough and I am picking them to win the series but it would not shock me if the Caps were able to orchestrate an upset. I hope that the Caps win but my money is on the Bruins.”

The Bruins are the dirtiest team in the NHL so I must say it once again:


You can see Ward’s overtime goal by clicking the link below. Thanks to youtube.

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