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Monday, May 28, 2012

Why I Want Dustin Brown and his Kings to Lose to the Devils – Brown’s Hit on Rozsival (knee and elbow) and Laziness are the Two Main Reasons


Let us start by watching the video of Brown’s hit on Rozsival. Anyone who has played hockey knows that he widened his stance a little, did not change his course, and braced himself rather than trying to avoid the knee contact. And, also, notice that Brown had time to stick out his elbow and he almost connected with Rozsival’s head (but did hit his shoulder instead). The officials not calling a penalty (elbowing, interference, etc) is a perfect example of game-fixing, and Shanahan not suspending Brown is utter corruption! Roenick and Milbury had quite an exchange over the hit, and this is the first time I have ever agreed with Milbury since he did not like Brown's hit either. The fact is that Brown had made up his mind to hit Rozsival and decided not to turn back even though he could have avoided all or most of the hit.

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Brown was guilty of excessive laziness this year until just before the trade deadline, and, he only woke up after the Kings traded Jack Johnson for Jeff Carter. I wrote an article about this and it is entitled “Dustin Brown’s Wake-up Call — Kings Might Make the Playoffs.” To save time, I will quote the most important part of that article below. Once you read it you will agree that Brown was taking his job as Captain of the Kings for granted.

Note that by being lazy for most of the year, Brown was slighting the fans who are paying his huge salary!

I quote:

In my opinion, the Kings could have and should have prevented the desperate situation that they are now in, playoff-wise. Kings President and General Manager Dean Lombardi should have made some changes back in December or early January to shake-up the players to see who wanted to stay in Los Angeles and earn their paychecks. He could have started by sending a couple of regular players down to the minors and if that wasn’t successful he could have went forth with a couple of trades. If the players don’t want to give 100 % and are taking life in LA and their positions on the Kings for granted, then they need to be moved out. Make the players fight for their jobs because this is professional hockey and the fans deserve to watch players that give it their all.

Captain Dustin Brown was one of the main players at fault because it is his job to inspire his teammates by word and action. He was failing in his role as captain and as the trade deadline was drawing near he was rumored to be trade bait, and rightfully so because he was not committing himself and giving 100 percent. Well, the Kings made a deal on February 23rd (four days prior to the deadline) that did not involve Brown. They traded Jack Johnson and a conditional 1st Round pick in either 2012 or 2013 to the Blue Jackets in exchange for hard-to-please but talented Jeff Carter. The Kings next game was two days later in LA against the Blackhawks and Carter would make his debut as a King. Meanwhile, the trade winds regarding Brown were still blowing. Would he make it past the Monday deadline and remain captain of the Kings? 

In the game against the Blackhawks it was not Carter who would “steal the show,” but rather, it was a transformed Dustin Brown. Brown scored a hat-trick and also added an assist in a 4-0 victory.

After the game Brown stated (Associated Press):

"I've been a King my whole career, and I expect to be a King beyond the next few days," Brown said. "With all the rumors flying around, it's my responsibility to prepare myself to be the best I can. Tonight felt good."

Including the Blackhawk game, the Kings went forth to win 11 out of 16 games, including three wins over the Ducks, two over Nashville, two over the Blackhawks, and wins over the Red Wings, Blues, Wild, Sharks and Flames. Brown accumulated 16 points during the 16 games, while Carter had nine. Kopitar, Williams and Doughty also improved significantly. 

Brown has played all 77 games for the Kings and sits in third in team scoring with 20 goals and 28 assists for 48 points. However, 16 of those points have come in the last 16 games so it is clear to see that he has put forth more effort since trade rumors were swirling and since Jeff Carter joined the team. Carter has 9 points in his 16 games with the Kings.

Clearly, Brown was fearful of having to move his family from LA to another city and he was also fearful of losing the “C” from his jersey. He did not want Carter to get the spotlight. I like Brown as a person and it is too bad that he allowed himself to under-achieve and to not provide the inspiration that he should have to his teammates. His improved play has been out of desperation and not out of love for the game and desire to win the Stanley Cup. That is pretty sad. I prefer players who are on a mission to win the Stanley Cup and do whatever it takes to try to achieve the goal. These types of players “infect” their teammates and make everyone better. It is possible that Carter can help give that desire back to Brown because it is no secret that Carter wants a Stanley Cup.


Due to Brown’s laziness this year and his dirty hit on Rozsival, I hope that the Devils are able to overcome the favored Kings and win the Cup. Let us see to what extent Brodeur is able to nullify the Kings relentless forechecking. This will be the key to the series and if Marty is able to handle the puck as well as he did against the Rangers, I believe that the Devils can win the Cup. By the way, if Marty gets an assist in the series he will have the playoff record for most assists by a goalie—currently he is tied for the record. By the way, back in February I picked the Devils to come out of the Eastern Conference as long as they did not have to face the Bruins, and I stated that they could even go all the way—did my homework and had some luck. The Kings have more offensive ability, of course, but they can expect a series tougher than the one they had against the Canucks.  

TJ Stanley