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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Devils vs. Kings Prediction

Well, back in February I predicted that the Devils could upset in the East (as long as they did not have to face the Bruins) and that they could win the Cup. They are now four wins away from accomplishing that feat. As you know, the Devils have won three Stanley Cups since 1995 and this could be their fourth since that time.

The Kings overcame the Canucks and then rolled-over the Blues and Coyotes and they did so with their relentless forechecking and skill. They are therefore favored to win the Cup, however, I am predicting that this will be the toughest series that they will have and that it will be a WAR!

Can the Devils overcome the Kings? Below are reasons why the Devils could beat them.  

  1. The Devils have Martin Brodeur and if he plays like he did against the Rangers he will be able to nullify much of the Kings forechecking. This is going to be the key to the entire series in my opinion. Brodeur has to catch the Kings coming in and fire the puck up to his forwards so that they can break out on 3 on 2’s and 2 on 1’s.  
  2. The Devils have more speed than the other teams that the Kings beat, except for the Canucks who also have some faster players.
  3. The Devils are more physical that the Canucks, Blues and also the Coyotes. The Kings are going to experience what the Flyers and Rangers just went through—and that was tough play along the boards and good forechecking.
  4. The Devils have a lot of depth and their fourth line is playing exceptionally well. Carter and Gionta could make the difference in this series.
Let us hope for honest officiating. That obviously was not the case in the Kings – Coyotes series. For the officials to have not called Brown for disabling Rozsival is absolutely unbelievable. Please see my previous article on that hit and on Brown.

TJ Stanley