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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stoll’s Hit on Gionta — Bernier’s Hit on Scuderi — Kings Win Cup with Huge Help from Officials!

It is too bad that Game 6 between the Devils and Kings was decided by the officials when they purposely chose to favor the Kings before the game started and carried-out their intentions on the ice.

I hate corruption and just want to see a fairly officiated game so that the best team has a better chance of winning. The officials gave the Kings the first power-play of the game when Kopitar went down in going to the net. Okay, everyone knew that the Kings were almost surely going to get the first power-play so the sooner the better. But, then the entire game was decided at about the 10 minute mark of the first period when the officials totally ignored the brutal hit from behind on Gionta by Jarret Stoll. You can view the hit in the video below (which also has the Bernier hit on Scuderi). How could the officials possibly ignore Stoll’s from-behind boarding hit on Gionta? Not long after Gionta was boarded, Bernier followed Scuderi into the Kings end and boarded him. Bernier deserved a boarding penalty, no doubt; but, it would never have happened if the officials would have been honest and blown the whistle and called the penalty against Stoll! Furthermore, after Scuderi was hit and lying on the ice he lifted his head to see if a penalty was being called and then he put his head back on the ice and pretended that he was seriously injured—he was bleeding due to a nick on his nose but it was a good acting job for sure! Scuderi proved that he was acting and not seriously injured because he returned to the game and played until the end; and, to top it off, in an interview with Scott Oake after the game he indicated that he had not been significantly injured and was fine after the hit. Oake should have then asked him why he went forth to pretend that he was seriously hurt? By the way, I can’t stand Scott Oake because the guy purposely embarrasses every guest that he has on his “After Hours” spot at the end of HNIC every week. I guess people as immature as Scott Oake enjoy that kind of school-boy teasing, but it turns my stomach.

Anyway, the officials gave Bernier a 5 minute major and game misconduct and Kings scored three huge goals—which deflated the Devils and pretty much ended the game. So, the officials purposely did not call a boarding penalty against Stoll (on his hit from behind on Gionta) and then handed-out a 5 minute boarding penalty and game misconduct to Bernier for his boarding penalty on a guy who pretended to be seriously injured. I hate to see the Stanley Cup decided by biased, corrupt officials (and are they influenced by anyone?). At one point in the game, NHL commentator Craig Simpson could not help but say it had been a terrible night for the “black and white,” and he clarified his statement so that everyone knew that he was talking about the officials. On the other hand, Don Cherry wanted to protect the officials and the league by pretending that the hit on Gionta was nothing, and shame on Cherry for his standpoint.

Honestly, this type of obvious corruption by officials makes me want to give up watching hockey. In a Stanley Cup Final game the officials should not favor any team, but rather, show some integrity and call it like it is!

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Brodeur was not sharp in this game and Kovalchuk played brutally all six games (proving that he is another overpaid offensive-minded player), but the Devils had still had enough depth to have a good shot at winning the Cup if the officiating would have been unbiased in Game 6. The Kings are a bigger team and have more raw talent but the Devils had more heart and gave the Kings a good battle. The first two games went to overtime and the Devils lost those due to too many defensive collapses. The Devils beat themselves in those games and the officials beat the Devils in Game 6. Yes, I give the Kings credit for their diligent forechecking and skill.

I also want to mention that the officials were totally corrupt in the Senators – Rangers series. They allowed the Rangers to play their dirty style of game so that they would have a better chance of winning. The Senators were easily the best of the two teams when they played each other in the regular season, and they would have beat the Rangers in the playoffs if the NHL did not allow Tortorella to carry out his plan to attack Eric Karlsson at every opportunity! Alfredsson was also attacked and suffered a concussion. The attacks on Eric Karlsson were so profuse it was hard to believe, and this series was the easily the dirtiest in the entire playoffs. The fact is that the NHL and officials allowed the Rangers to play dirty because they wanted the Rangers to win as it would result in more money for the league.

To conclude, the NHL attempted to shape a Kings – Ranger Final but they were unsuccessful at accomplishing the task. The officials made sure that the Kings were going to have a big advantage to win Game 6 against the Devils, and the Kings indeed took the opportunities given to them by the officials and are now the 2012 Stanley Cup Champions—congratulations to a hard-working team. When the King players watch the game themselves they will feel fortunate that the officials did not call Stoll’s boarding penalty on Gionta—it was a game-breaker!

TJ Stanley