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Monday, July 23, 2012

Nash Traded to the Rangers – And He Shamelessly Lies Again to Fans Via the Media!

Today Rick Nash finally got his wish as the Blue Jackets traded him. The deal involved Nash and defenseman Steve Delisle going to the Rangers along with a conditional third-round draft pick in 2013, in exchange for Brandon Dubinsky, Artem Anisimov, Tim Erixon and the Rangers first-round pick in 2013. 

Nash Shamelessly Lies Again to Fans quoted Nash as saying,

“Initially, I went in with Scott Howson and was trying to get a game plan on what was going on with Columbus and I was told there was going to be a rebuild. I’ve been here for nine years now and figured I could be the main piece of a rebuild for them in that case. If the circumstance was right, I’d waive my no-trade clause and help them rebuild and help my career carry on.”

Oh come on Rick, now you (and your weasel agent) are trying a new story in an attempt to save your reputation! Compulsive liars always find the need to have to cover-up for themselves. Grow-up!

Who Got the Best of the Trade?

The Rangers will get a spoiled, lying baby in Rick Nash, and honestly what fans and players really want a guy like that on their team? Last year was the worst season of his NHL career next to his rookie year (all things considered including games played, points, plus-minus and his effect on his teammates). When a baby doesn’t work hard to earn the money that he is being paid (7.5 million last year), and when he doesn’t get his way and spits and throws food at you and stomps his feet—you know that you have to trade the rebel! By the way, his salary gradually goes up and in 2017-18 he will receive 8.2 million, at which time he will be an UFA. 

On the Ranger’s website it says, “The Nash Era is Here!” I find it comical to lift up a baby and a liar into Messier-like status. Messier was a true leader and far more talented than Rick Nash was or ever will be. I hope that Nash buckles under the pressure, that the Rangers finish no better than third in the East, and that they get knocked-out in Round 1 of the playoffs (which should have happened this year against the Senators if it wasn’t for the officials allowing the Rangers to repeatedly break the rules without being penalized, including punching Karlsson in the face over and over). Nash has proven that he is not a player who has the ability to make all of the players around him a lot better; and, he has to be responsible for, take “credit” for, his own poor plus-minus stats. In his nine years with Columbus, his plus-minus stats are (starting with his rookie season): minus-27, minus-36, plus-5, minus-8, plus-2, plus-11, minus-2, plus-2 and he finished-off his career with the Blue Jackets this past year with an abominable minus-19. Thus said, don’t “puff-up” a guy into Messier status when he doesn’t deserve it, and obviously, Nash is already full of himself so don’t give him any more pride or he might float away like a zeppelin! 

The Rangers also received 21 year-old Steve Delisle who is a 6-foot-6, 234-pound defenseman, but who hasn’t seen NHL action. 

The condition for the third round pick in the 2013 entry draft is that the Rangers get the pick if they don’t make it to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2013. Blue Jacket GM Howson should have negotiated more regarding a pick in return, and if a condition was attached it should have been based on if the Rangers made the Eastern Conference Final (at most) and not the Stanley Cup Final. 

Howson and the Blue Jackets have received in return two respectable centers, a probable solid defenseman, and a first round pick in the 2013 entry draft (which is going to be down low in the round).

Center Brandon Dubinsky only had 34 points this past year and was plus-16 on a team that had quite a number of players in higher plus figures. His 34 points was 20 shy of his 2010-11 total, however, a new opportunity in Columbus might bring out the best in him. He is 26 years old so he has a lot left.

Artem Anisimov played in 79 games last year and had 16 goals and 20 assists, and was plus-12. The 6-foot-4, 200 pound Russian is 24 years-old.

Defenseman Tim Erixon played in eighteen games last year for the Rangers and had two assists and was minus-2. That was his first NHL action after playing for five years in Sweden (despite being born in NY) and I believe that he is going to be a solid NHL defenseman. He is just a kid at 21 years-old.

Final Analysis

Howson allowed himself to be pressured too much in this trade. He almost made a deal with Sather before the trade deadline and he has been trying to move Nash for months. Subsequently, he took a little less than he could have received and should have fought harder regarding the draft pick, condition or no condition attached to it. I would have pushed for a fifth or sixth round pick at best rather than letting Sather get a third round pick which can only be lost if the Rangers make the Stanley Cup Finals in 2013. Thus said, the pick is almost a gift in my opinion because I doubt that the Rangers are going to make it to the Finals in 2013. The Bruins, Caps, Flyers and the Penguins are all going to be tougher this year. 

If Dubinsky and Anisimov apply themselves mentally and physically, rather than sulk, then, Howson can still look like he made a good deal. If Erixon develops as expected then Howson will look even better; and, if the first-round pick in 2013 turns-out to be a winner then Howson can win this trade big-time. Just getting rid of an ingrate like Nash is a huge victory because was like poison to the team this past year.

The Rangers win this trade if Nash is able to be the leading scorer on the team and leads them to a Stanley Cup victory this year or in the next two or three years. I doubt that it will happen because I don’t think that he will have the positive effect on his teammates that Sather, Tortorella, media and many fans believe. He will not be another Messier!

TJ Stanley