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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Predators Match Flyers Offer to Weber

This is an update to my previous article on Weber, the offer by the Flyers, and the Predators likely decision regarding the situation.

Shea Weber certainly did a nice job in confusing the media and fans about where he really wanted to play hockey, and he did so by first signing the offer sheet from the Flyers and following-up by declaring that he wanted to play in Philly. Well, that settled the matter for me because I would expect Weber to be honest. However, after the Preds matched the offer, Weber has stated that he is happy to be in Nashville and that he is glad that the contract issue is over so that he can concentrate on getting ready for the upcoming season. He also said that he wants to do his best for the team by recruiting other players when the opportunities arise so that they have a better chance to win the Cup. These are words from a person who obviously was primarily concerned about the size of his contract, and when the Flyers presented him with an offer sheet for 110 million, Weber knew that signing it guaranteed him that amount no matter where he ended-up. Weber also knew that the Preds had publicly stated on numerous occasions that they would match any offer sheet that any team presented to Weber; and, Weber confessed that he was well aware of that fact after the Preds matched the offer from Philly. All said, Weber played it smart but it now sounds like he wanted to be in Nashville all the time—which is what I thought before he and his agent declared that he wanted to play in Philly. If Weber did not want to be in Nashville then I wouldn’t expect him to be so satisfied with the contract match and eager to recruit other players to the team. Very strange indeed! Time will tell whether he will be happy in Nashville or whether he will pull a Rick Nash. Even if he pulls a Nash, the Preds made the right decision in matching the Flyer’s offer because Nashville can get a lot more by trade (and without having to wait) as compared to the compensation of five first-round draft picks which would be lower down each year since the Flyers are expected to place fairly well for some time.

TJ Stanley