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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Selanne to Play in 2012-13

Teemu Selanne signed a one year, 4.5 million dollar contract with the Ducks for the 2012-13 season. Despite the good-sized pay-check, you know that he is playing for the enjoyment and because he wants to move up on the lists for all-time point and goal leaders. Currently he is 19th in career points with 1406, and if he produces like last year he could move up to 14th just behind Paul Coffey. In goals, Selanne is 12th all-time with 663, just two behind Jagr who will also be playing this year (with the Stars). If Selanne gets 29 or 30 goals he will move into 8th on the list, passing Lemieux who has 690 goals and Yzerman who has 692 goals. I would love to see him overtake Yzerman. By the way, Robitaille is in 10th with 668 goals and both Selanne and Jagr should pass him early in the season. Of course, Gretzky sits at the top of the career goals list—with 894.  

On the Ducks side of things, 4.5 million is definitely worth it to them because:

  1. Selanne was the highest scorer on the team last year with 66 points (26 goals and 40 assists). Included were 12 power-play goals and four game-winners.
  2. Selanne is a great leader and ambassador for the team (and the game of hockey itself). If more guys like him make the NHL the better the game will become.
  3. The fans love Selanne and will pay to see him as this could be his last year and he might just pass some big names on the career goals and points lists. 
All the best to Teemu this year!

TJ Stanley