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Saturday, November 24, 2012

NHL Lockout – Take the Family to a Live Game or go on Vacation?

Well, I wasn’t planning to discuss the NHL Lockout, but due to the length of the ordeal and the disgraceful greed of the league, owners and players, I have decided to offer my viewpoint—one that should enlighten all to the reality of the situation.

The fact of the matter is that it is the fans who have been screwed and who continue to be screwed by the league, owners and players! When the average family cannot afford to take the kids to one or two live games a year without feeling a huge “pinch,” then something is seriously wrong. At this point in hockey history, tickets are so expensive that parents need to decide whether to take kids to a live hockey game or to take them to Florida for a week-long vacation!

Most players are making far too much money, and the league and owners are reaping more than they would ever reveal. Players have a great life because they are able to play a game that they love, stay in great condition, and also make a lot of money—and yet they want more! Of course, many of them also cherish the adoration. As for the league and owners, their greed knows no end. All parties concerned have made NHL hockey a game to be viewed live by the rich—businesses and wealthy individuals. Yet, the NHLPA and the League both continue to disgracefully solicit pity from the fans and to point the finger at the other side! Are you buying it?  

What can I say but: shame on the league, owners, and the players for screwing fans, and especially over the last 15 years. In my opinion, the fans should get back at the league, owners and players by boycotting games so that they can give them a taste of their own medicine! DO IT! Boycott some games and show them that we can live without NHL Hockey. Give them a wake-up call because they are living in a fantasy world and are already asking far, far too much of the fans! They are not having any mercy of us so why should we show any in return?  

TJ Stanley