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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Canadiens All-time Worst Poor Sportsmanship – Five Fight Brawl, Two Elbowing Infractions on Conacher, Two Brutal Slashes on Turris, Punching Turris, Gorges Shoots Puck at Turris……236 Minutes in Penalties

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On Sunday, May 5th, the Senators and Canadiens met for the third time in Round 1 of the playoffs. The Sens trounced the Habs by a score of 6-1 (taking a 2-1 lead in the series), but the real story of the game was the all-time worst sportsmanship displayed by the Canadiens—from Rene Bourque, to Brandon Prust, to Travis Moen, to Josh Gorges, to P.K. Subban, to Jarred Tinordi, to Colby Armstrong, to coach Michel Therrien. The brutal physical attacks by the Canadiens (after they were down 4-1) were so profuse and out of control that Sens coach Paul MacLean felt the need to call a time-out with just 17 seconds left in the game. Therrien was incensed at this despite the fact that he knew full well that his players were purposely trying to injure Sens players. After the time-out, as the game was ending, Habs Georges gutlessly and immaturely shot the puck at Turris and yelled at MacLean. Josh, it is time to grow up and stop throwing temper tantrums like you did when you were a boy.   

The fireworks really started at 7:04 of the third period after Turris put Ottawa up 4-1. Ryan White slashed Turris in the back of the legs and this led to a five fight brawl, with Canadien players being the aggressors. Fortunately, the Sens won all five fights: Chris Neil destroyed Moen, Cowen pummeled White, Smith annihilated Bouillon, Phillips handled Tinordi, and Kassian took care of Armstrong. But that wasn’t enough for the Canadiens, as Rene Bourque elbowed Conacher in the head. If Brendan Shanahan calls it fairly, Bourque, a repeat offender, should get at least a one game suspension. The elbow was so flagrant that I would give him two. Furthermore, with 18 seconds left in the game, Bourque brutally slashed Turris and punched him in the face. I would give him an extra game for purposely trying to injure Turris—yes, I am dreaming but that is the way that the game should be called, and in the future it just might be that way. Prust also purposely elbowed Conacher in the head and he deserves at least a game for that—and he is a repeat offender as well. Will Shanahan call it fair and give a couple of suspensions to Bourque and Prust, or, will he succumb to the Montreal Canadien organization? I bet Shanahan chokes out of fear of the mighty—ha, ha, ha—Canadien organization.
P.K. Subban started a scrap with Turris at 8:31 of the third and received the instigator penalty (face shield) and a game misconduct. Subban is a great player when he is skating and shooting the puck (regular season this year, but not last year), but I really hate his gutlessness when he starts a scrap. He never takes off his helmet, even when another player takes theirs off or has had their helmet come off—play it fair P.K.

The unsportsmanlike conduct by the Canadiens was unquestionably horrendous, and yet, Therrien pointed the finger at MacLean for calling a time-out to protect his players. Therrien said to reporters (as seen on TSN), and he was almost in tears the poor baby:

“……You never want to humiliate the other team, as a coach… was classless...” 

MacLean, answered reporters (as seen on TSN) by saying,

“……I was forced to protect my players. The office of player safety should be very busy tonight.”

Therrien needs to watch the tape of the game and wake-up and admit that his players were so out of control that MacLean had no choice but to take a time-out to prepare them for the last seconds of the game. It was the Canadien players and Therrien who were utterly classless. Honestly, MacLean had no idea what the Canadien players would do next, and it looked like they would try to injure other players or start another brawl. Well, as previously stated, Gorges went forth to gutlessly shoot the puck at Turris.  By the way, there was a whopping 236 minutes in penalties in the game.

Honestly, I hope that Therrien and the Canadien organization want to “SEPARATE FROM THE NHL”—ha, ha, ha, as the French Canadians want to separate from Canada—as that would do the hockey world a huge favor! Who wants to watch a bunch of babies that have to purposely attempt to injure opposing players just because they are losing a game! Any Montreal fan who defends what took place tonight also ought to be ashamed of themselves. Glad I turned “comments” off so I don’t have to listen to any of you. Those great Montreal fans who admit that the Canadien players were way out of line, I commend you for being honest!

As for French Canadians who hate English-speaking Canadians and who want to separate from Canada, I suggest that you buy an island somewhere and start a new country. When so many people hold themselves above their own countrymen, it is “classless”—taking the word from Therrien. I would add, self-righteous. Start a country where English and French-speaking people are equal, and where the government is better than what we have under BM Steven Harper, and I will gladly join you—yes “BM” and not “PM”!

Getting back to the Sens, after all of the adversity that they have gone through this year with injuries, I hope that they beat the Canadiens and go all the way.

TJ Stanley

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nonis’ Open Letter to Leafs Fans

On Tuesday, April 23, 2013, on the Toronto Maple Leafs website, VP and GM Dave Nonis posted an “Open Letter to Leafs Fans.”

Here is first half of his letter, which, when carefully considered, makes you feel slapped in the face and underappreciated as a fan:

Dear Leafs Fans:

On behalf of the entire Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Club, I would like to extend a sincere thank you for your continued loyalty and support.

Leafs fans are the most passionate and dedicated in all of hockey. Your presence at Air Canada Centre and in our opponent’s rinks does not go unnoticed. You are valued members of our team………

Do you see the disrespect? He acknowledges paying fans who attend games at Air Canada Centre and in opponent’s rinks; but, anyone else who can't afford the outrageous prices is not being considered a valued fan! When cost of tickets is so high that you have to decide whether to go to a game or take the family on a little vacation, something is wrong. Every family should be able to take the kids to at least one game a year without feeling too much of a pinch. Players are making too much money, as are owners and management. It is a shame that the game has arrived at this point. Anyway, Nonis should have also considered fans that can't afford to go to games, fans that watch and promote the team (and that may or may not buy merchandise). That is being honest.

Shame on Dave Nonis for belittling and insulting fans that can’t afford the outrageous prices of tickets!

TJ Stanley

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Doan’s Revenge on Dustin Brown — a Hit and Arm-slam Followed by a Pounding of Mike Richards — Also, Previous Scrap Between Doan and Brown

My favorite play of the 2013 hockey season thus far—and I doubt that anything will beat it—is Shane Doan’s revenge on Dustin Brown for Brown’s dirty hit on Rozsival in the 2012 Stanley Cup Western Conference Finals. Not only does Doan nail Brown into the boards, but Doan arm-slams him to the ice and then pummels Mike Richards who came to defend Brown. The message that Doan sent to every LA King was:  “Don’t mess with me or any of my teammates or you are going to pay the price! When NHL referees won’t exercise justice then players have to take matters in their own hands, and I congratulate you Shane for doing what needed to be done.

I wrote two previous articles on Brown, including one based on his dirty hit on Rozsival, and you can find those articles in the Los Angeles Kings section (Go to “Labels” and click the Kings after the menu drops-down). There is a link to watch the video of the hit in that article—article entitled: “Why I Want Dustin Brown and his Kings to Lose to the Devils – Brown’s Hit on Rozsival (knee and elbow) and Laziness are the Two Main Reasons.”

Below is the video I shall call “Doan’s Revenge”—what a masterpiece! January 26, 2013. Thanks to Youtube!

The hit on Brown is shown after the fight at the end of the video and from a perfect angle so be sure to watch the video right to the end.

Below is a link to watch Doan fight Brown on February, 16 of 2012. It was another dirty hit by Brown that inspired Doan to give him a beating.

After watching be sure to click the back arrow in your browser to return to my site.

TJ Stanley

Friday, January 18, 2013

Western Conference Predictions 2013

Below are my predictions for the Western Conference. Due to time restraints, I will be limiting my predictions to the order in which teams will finish in their Divisions, as well as a brief analysis on which teams will make the playoffs. Later in the season I will update my predictions.

Central Division
St. Louis Blues
Detroit Red Wings
Chicago Blackhawks
Nashville Predators
Columbus Blue Jackets

Northwest Division
Vancouver Canucks
Minnesota Wild
Colorado Avalanche
Calgary Flames
Edmonton Oilers

Pacific Division
Los Angeles Kings
San Jose Sharks
Phoenix Coyotes
Anaheim Ducks
Dallas Stars

Teams that should make the playoffs this year are: Canucks, Blues, Red Wings, Wild, Kings, Blackhawks, Predators, and Sharks. The Coyotes, Ducks, Avalanche, and Stars can push for the final playoff spot and one or even two of them might just make it. The Avalanche are improved this year and blew their last ten games last year (thus eliminating themselves from the playoffs). They could surprise. If Mike Smith plays outstanding again this year he could catapult the Coyotes into the playoffs. If the Ducks put forth a genuine effort they could make the playoffs. The Stars have to get Jamie Benn signed and also Derek Roy on the ice. If that happens soon they have a shot. I feel that the Flames, Oilers, and Blue Jackets will fall short. The Predators will not do as well this year and could be caught. The Sharks can be eliminated from post season action if they don’t give 100 % effort for all 48 games. If Crawford does not improve off of last year’s performance, the Blackhawks could also be caught.
TJ Stanley

Eastern Conference Predictions 2013

Below are my predictions for the Eastern Conference. Due to time restraints, I will be limiting my predictions to the order in which teams will finish in their Divisions, as well as which teams will and will not make the playoffs. Later in the season I will update my predictions.

Atlantic Division
New York Rangers 
Pittsburgh Penguins
Philadelphia Flyers
New York Islanders
New Jersey Devils

Northeast Division
Boston Bruins
Ottawa Senators
Buffalo Sabres
Toronto Maple Leafs
Montreal Canadiens

Southeast Division
Carolina Hurricanes
Washington Capitals
Tampa Bay Lightning
Florida Panthers
Winnipeg Jets

Teams that should make the playoffs this year are:  Rangers, Penguins, Flyers, Bruins, Senators, Hurricanes, Capitals, and Lightning. I don’t expect the Islanders, Devils, Sabres, Leafs, Canadiens, Panthers, or Jets to make it to postseason action.

TJ Stanley

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Leafs Fire Burke – It was a “Wonderful Day for an Exorcism!”

On Wednesday, January 9th, it was a “WONDERFUL DAY FOR AN EXORCISM” in Toronto, and an exorcism indeed took place as the Leafs finally fired President and GM Brian Burke! Unfortunately, however, the Leafs ownership (Bell Canada and Rogers primarily) decided to not perform a complete exorcism because they will be keeping Burke under their employment in a senior advisor role. Dave Nonis took over the President and GM positions.

According to, upon being told of his dismissal, Burke:  

“…was still quick to point out the building blocks that are already in place for the Maple Leafs”

What a disgrace for Burke to take credit for what the Leafs currently have when every hockey fan knows that he has ruined the team in the past, present, and near future! He has acted unethically in his employment practices, he favored his buddy Ron Wilson and gave him a contract that the Leafs have to pay (even though he was fired shortly after), and he has badmouthed others behind their backs and disgraced himself.

I am going to discuss some issues that I have with Brian Burke (regarding his four years with the Leafs) including some unethical actions that he is guilty of—and Don Cherry is involved in this part of the discussion.

In four years under Burke the Leafs have never made it to the playoffs! What did Burke really do for the Leafs in trades and drafts and free agent signings? Don’t tell me how good it was for the Leafs to get Phaneuf, one of the worst defensive defensemen in the league due to his poor speed. Last year I lost count how many forwards made him look like a pylon and went in on breakaways! The biggest problem with Phaneuf is the fact that his salary does not match the caliber of his play. He made a whopping 6.5 million last year! On that basis alone I can’t consider him an asset to the team, no matter what happened on the other end of the trade. There is another NHL defenseman who is brutal defensively, who is a worse skater than Phaneuf, who has always had a brutal plus-minus, and who also makes four times what he is worth (cap hit of 5.2 million)—Dustin Byfuglien of the Jets.  

Of course, most people would agree that Burke’s biggest mistake was trading for Phil Kessel. The Bruins ended-up with Tyler Seguin, Jared Knight, and Dougie Hamilton—enough said.    

Brian Burke was the 13th GM in Leafs history and the first who was American-born. Before I continue, I want to say that I happen to consider myself as much or more American as Canadian because my grandmother was American, and because I hate Canada and the government in Canada—experienced a huge amount of corruption from the government and used to work for the government—so, if you are American please don’t get mad at me for the facts that are contained in the remainder of the article, but rather, be unbiased like I am being. As President and GM of a Canadian hockey team, Brian Burke’s role was not to see how many American people he could employ, but rather, it was to conduct himself in an honest, ethical manner in an attempt to build the Leafs into a playoff contender and Stanley Cup Champion—but, instead, he sacrificed integrity and did the best he could for his country.

The remainder of this article I have copied and pasted from a previous article. Don Cherry’s Coaches Corner rebuke of Burke for stocking the Leafs with American players is included.

From an article from last year (“Don Cherry and Burke — More Fuel Added to the Fire”) I quote:

Cherry Blasts Burke On Coaches Corner About American Players on the Leafs

In the March 3, 2012 episode of Coach’s Corner, Cherry decided to publicly pull down Burke’s pants by exposing him for purposely acquiring and playing many American players. To be more specific, Cherry pointed-out that every team in the NHL has at least one player from Ontario except Burke’s Leafs, who, are located in Ontario! Furthermore, Cherry stated that the Penguins have six players from Ontario, that the Blackhawks had seven when they won the Cup, that the Bruins had seven last year and nine this year, and that the Blues currently have nine players from Ontario. I did a little research on my own and found that the Leafs have more American players than any other Canadian team. It is good to have people from different countries on a team but every team (American or Canadian) should have a respectable number of players who represent the country in which they are located. The fans like to be able to cheer for a home-province, home-state, or home-town guy. Look at the Minnesota Wild, they obtained Tom Gilbert from the Oilers prior to the trade deadline and Gilbert grew up about 20 minutes from the Xcel Energy Center where the Wild play. Boston acquired Matt Mottau from the Islanders and he was born and raised in Quincy, just outside of Boston. I could state many other examples but the point is that Burke should have significantly more Canadian players on his team, and, defnitely some from Ontario. The fans are funding the team! 

In support of Burke’s purposeful acquiring of American players [rather than ignoring nationality and looking at talent and value to the team], on the Maple Leafs website it says, 

“Burke is on the U.S. National Team Advisory Committee that is charged with leading the selection of players for the U.S. Men’s National Team that competed at the 2011 World Championships in Slovakia. As well, Burke was the General Manager of the 2010 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team, which won a silver medal at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. In 1993, 2009 and 2010, Burke was the General Manager of the U.S. World Championships teams. On August 7, 2008, Burke was recognized for his outstanding service to hockey in the United States when he was named the recipient of the 2008 Lester Patrick Award.”

Sounds like a guy who really wants to do the best for his country, and that includes stocking the Leafs with American players. When Burke is eventually fired from his position he will likely go back to the US and boast about how many American players he had playing for him right in Ontario.

I definitely don’t have anything against American players but every GM of Canadian teams should make sure that they have more Canadians than any other group of players, and every GM of American teams should make a point of having a good number of Americans on their teams. The fans want this and they are funding the sport.

Leafs Future

Unfortunately, due to Brian Burke and Ron Wilson the Leafs are going to miss the playoffs once again. Burke has done nothing to please the fans in Toronto and they can’t even cheer for a home-province boy! It is amazing that the fans still go to the games. It will be interesting to see what transpires next year under Randy Carlyle, but I believe that any long-term significant improvement can only be achieved by bringing in some new players. The Leafs need some good draft picks this year and they should make a couple of trades. Too bad they won’t find anyone interested in Phaneuf and his salary.

End of quote.

Well, barring a miracle, in 2013 we can expect the Leafs to miss the playoffs again. Honestly, that is what Bell Canada and Rogers deserve because Bell Canada illegally phoned residents across Canada to take a survey; and, people’s phones would ring and the survey would hang-up on them, over and over again at various times of the day. This happened to us and we, along with thousands of others, filed complaints and Bell Canada was fined a large sum of money. Sometimes justice is done.

TJ Stanley