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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Doan’s Revenge on Dustin Brown — a Hit and Arm-slam Followed by a Pounding of Mike Richards — Also, Previous Scrap Between Doan and Brown

My favorite play of the 2013 hockey season thus far—and I doubt that anything will beat it—is Shane Doan’s revenge on Dustin Brown for Brown’s dirty hit on Rozsival in the 2012 Stanley Cup Western Conference Finals. Not only does Doan nail Brown into the boards, but Doan arm-slams him to the ice and then pummels Mike Richards who came to defend Brown. The message that Doan sent to every LA King was:  “Don’t mess with me or any of my teammates or you are going to pay the price! When NHL referees won’t exercise justice then players have to take matters in their own hands, and I congratulate you Shane for doing what needed to be done.

I wrote two previous articles on Brown, including one based on his dirty hit on Rozsival, and you can find those articles in the Los Angeles Kings section (Go to “Labels” and click the Kings after the menu drops-down). There is a link to watch the video of the hit in that article—article entitled: “Why I Want Dustin Brown and his Kings to Lose to the Devils – Brown’s Hit on Rozsival (knee and elbow) and Laziness are the Two Main Reasons.”

Below is the video I shall call “Doan’s Revenge”—what a masterpiece! January 26, 2013. Thanks to Youtube!

The hit on Brown is shown after the fight at the end of the video and from a perfect angle so be sure to watch the video right to the end.

Below is a link to watch Doan fight Brown on February, 16 of 2012. It was another dirty hit by Brown that inspired Doan to give him a beating.

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TJ Stanley