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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Canadiens All-time Worst Poor Sportsmanship – Five Fight Brawl, Two Elbowing Infractions on Conacher, Two Brutal Slashes on Turris, Punching Turris, Gorges Shoots Puck at Turris……236 Minutes in Penalties

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On Sunday, May 5th, the Senators and Canadiens met for the third time in Round 1 of the playoffs. The Sens trounced the Habs by a score of 6-1 (taking a 2-1 lead in the series), but the real story of the game was the all-time worst sportsmanship displayed by the Canadiens—from Rene Bourque, to Brandon Prust, to Travis Moen, to Josh Gorges, to P.K. Subban, to Jarred Tinordi, to Colby Armstrong, to coach Michel Therrien. The brutal physical attacks by the Canadiens (after they were down 4-1) were so profuse and out of control that Sens coach Paul MacLean felt the need to call a time-out with just 17 seconds left in the game. Therrien was incensed at this despite the fact that he knew full well that his players were purposely trying to injure Sens players. After the time-out, as the game was ending, Habs Georges gutlessly and immaturely shot the puck at Turris and yelled at MacLean. Josh, it is time to grow up and stop throwing temper tantrums like you did when you were a boy.   

The fireworks really started at 7:04 of the third period after Turris put Ottawa up 4-1. Ryan White slashed Turris in the back of the legs and this led to a five fight brawl, with Canadien players being the aggressors. Fortunately, the Sens won all five fights: Chris Neil destroyed Moen, Cowen pummeled White, Smith annihilated Bouillon, Phillips handled Tinordi, and Kassian took care of Armstrong. But that wasn’t enough for the Canadiens, as Rene Bourque elbowed Conacher in the head. If Brendan Shanahan calls it fairly, Bourque, a repeat offender, should get at least a one game suspension. The elbow was so flagrant that I would give him two. Furthermore, with 18 seconds left in the game, Bourque brutally slashed Turris and punched him in the face. I would give him an extra game for purposely trying to injure Turris—yes, I am dreaming but that is the way that the game should be called, and in the future it just might be that way. Prust also purposely elbowed Conacher in the head and he deserves at least a game for that—and he is a repeat offender as well. Will Shanahan call it fair and give a couple of suspensions to Bourque and Prust, or, will he succumb to the Montreal Canadien organization? I bet Shanahan chokes out of fear of the mighty—ha, ha, ha—Canadien organization.
P.K. Subban started a scrap with Turris at 8:31 of the third and received the instigator penalty (face shield) and a game misconduct. Subban is a great player when he is skating and shooting the puck (regular season this year, but not last year), but I really hate his gutlessness when he starts a scrap. He never takes off his helmet, even when another player takes theirs off or has had their helmet come off—play it fair P.K.

The unsportsmanlike conduct by the Canadiens was unquestionably horrendous, and yet, Therrien pointed the finger at MacLean for calling a time-out to protect his players. Therrien said to reporters (as seen on TSN), and he was almost in tears the poor baby:

“……You never want to humiliate the other team, as a coach… was classless...” 

MacLean, answered reporters (as seen on TSN) by saying,

“……I was forced to protect my players. The office of player safety should be very busy tonight.”

Therrien needs to watch the tape of the game and wake-up and admit that his players were so out of control that MacLean had no choice but to take a time-out to prepare them for the last seconds of the game. It was the Canadien players and Therrien who were utterly classless. Honestly, MacLean had no idea what the Canadien players would do next, and it looked like they would try to injure other players or start another brawl. Well, as previously stated, Gorges went forth to gutlessly shoot the puck at Turris.  By the way, there was a whopping 236 minutes in penalties in the game.

Honestly, I hope that Therrien and the Canadien organization want to “SEPARATE FROM THE NHL”—ha, ha, ha, as the French Canadians want to separate from Canada—as that would do the hockey world a huge favor! Who wants to watch a bunch of babies that have to purposely attempt to injure opposing players just because they are losing a game! Any Montreal fan who defends what took place tonight also ought to be ashamed of themselves. Glad I turned “comments” off so I don’t have to listen to any of you. Those great Montreal fans who admit that the Canadien players were way out of line, I commend you for being honest!

As for French Canadians who hate English-speaking Canadians and who want to separate from Canada, I suggest that you buy an island somewhere and start a new country. When so many people hold themselves above their own countrymen, it is “classless”—taking the word from Therrien. I would add, self-righteous. Start a country where English and French-speaking people are equal, and where the government is better than what we have under BM Steven Harper, and I will gladly join you—yes “BM” and not “PM”!

Getting back to the Sens, after all of the adversity that they have gone through this year with injuries, I hope that they beat the Canadiens and go all the way.

TJ Stanley